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Baby below 10th centile

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ScotlandMum Sat 31-Dec-16 06:09:17

I've been getting growth scans since 28 weeks , since then baby has been measuring below 10th centile . Everything else looks fine at the moment (31 weeks now) although I'm aware everything can be fine and baby can just be small. Is there anybody who has been in the same boat that has had to be induced early because of this?

Cantchooseaname Sat 31-Dec-16 06:31:11

10% of babies will be at/ below 10th centile- if growth is steady and no other issues I can't see why it should be an issue. I was pushed into induction 2 weeks early for opposite reason- baby was measured at 8lb 13 at 36 weeks- no discussion, just told date for induction. Born 2 weeks later at 7lb 3- not sure what they measured at the scan...
listen to their advice, make your decisions. I wish I had been more proactive and less bamboozled. However I was terrified of the 10lb monster they predicted!!

SazzyJ15 Sat 31-Dec-16 08:17:30

I've been having growth scans since 25 weeks as my baby was just on 10th percentile. She's now dropped to below the 5th percentile (at 32 weeks) and there's talk of inducing me early (around 37 weeks) if she doesn't start to catch up. I'm currently having Doppler scans one week and growth scans the next. I'm 34 weeks pregnant today and have another scan on Tuesday. It's quite scary but I feel safe in the knowledge that they're keeping an eye on me and I love getting to see baby on the ultrasound.

Snowflakes1122 Sat 31-Dec-16 08:25:47

My dd2 had this. We had Doppler scans from 27 weeks due to static growth and low fluids.

They gave me steroids in case I had to deliver early, but with each weekly scan she seemed happy, was kicking plently and placenta was doing well.

If your baby is doing well other than slow growth, they'll aim to keep you pregnant as long as that's the case.

And after a good few weeks she eventually caught up with growth and fluids went back to normal levels. They were pretty convinced st one stage they'd deliver early (hence the steroids) but went overdue 6 days and had a 7lbs 6oz baby. Was predicted 5lbs at term!

Starlight85 Mon 02-Jan-17 06:45:58

I had growth scans and at my 36 week scan Baby was showing at just above 10th centile so I had every other day CTG monitoring with a scan to check cord flow a at 37 weeks. Every CTG we had was fine but then when we had another growth scan at just over 38 weeks it showed Baby's head and tummy hadn't grown since the scan at 36 weeks. All other signs were ok but they decided to induce me at 38+6 just to be safe.
From the first scan when it looked like her growth had slowed I worried something was wrong and even more from the last scan but until she was born.
However she was born on 30th December and came out perfect, she was on the smaller side at 6lb4 but she is fine. We had to stay at hospital just to check her blood sugars prior to 3 feeds but they were all fine and we came home the same day.

I just wanted to share my story with you that we had a similar experience and everything was fine. I really didn't want to have an induction as was worried labour would be longer might result in a section etc but for me it actually went quite straightforward with a straightforward birth.

Trust the Drs but ask questions if you have any to make sure you understand what they are saying.

Hope you get on ok.

AreWeThereYet000 Thu 05-Jan-17 19:05:56

I'm having growth scans throughout this pregnancy as my last baby was small when he was born. (5lb 13 at 39+6) they estimated he would be around 8lb so it can go either way, just keep positive and think at least you are having an eye kept on you, although I know it can sometimes cause more worry been constantly checked, I think I'm more worried this time now I am been scanned every 4 weeks, as I had no checks last time and he turned out small but perfect - now an average size 3 year old x

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