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To Perfect Prep Machine owners...

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UnicornPee Fri 30-Dec-16 12:31:04

How much did you pay and where did you buy it (only brand new purchases only)

I seem to have made it my mission to pay the least possible for one so have been stalking the prices daily for a few months (I am sad)

It's currently £67 but do I hold out that it may be cheaper? I did see it for £61 from John Lewis back in November but a few days later it shot up to £120!!!

bookgirl1982 Fri 30-Dec-16 12:34:38

Amazon, about £60. I'd say less than £70 is a good deal. Always use quidco if you buy online for some extra discount!

UnicornPee Fri 30-Dec-16 12:36:46

Ooh quidco? Not heard of that?

guiltynetter Fri 30-Dec-16 12:38:39

you can get one for £52 using this amazon trick (involves signing up for something h then cancelling after you've had the trial smile

Scrumptiousbears Fri 30-Dec-16 12:43:40

I paid £56 from Ocado on saw at the time.

welshweasel Fri 30-Dec-16 12:44:46

£60 on Amazon. Best £60 I spent on baby stuff.

divadee Fri 30-Dec-16 14:38:32

Just under £50 on Amazon back in September I think.

Use camelcamelcamel website for price alerts on Amazon.

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