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Growth spurt or do I need to call someone?

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Allaboutthecake13 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:53:19

Spent today feeling nauseous - have had bad sickness all pregnancy (25+2 now) and stopped my anti sickness meds a few days ago as was feeling much better. Was sick at around 6pm, then managed some food but was sick again at 10ish. Stomach has felt quite sore/churny (the top bit, belly button sort of level) which I haven't had so much with previous pregnancy sickness. I've been lying in bed trying to sleep since 10.30 and have been having odd cramping pains lower down - sort of in my groin/bikini line area and lower abdomen. Nothing tightening so don't think it's BH, it's more like cramping, twinges that are a bit painful but not unbearable. Baby has been moving around all day and no reduced movement.

I realise that the resurgence of sickness and pain (if it's round ligament pain) could just be a bit of a growth spurt. But I'm tired and can't sleep and now worried about all sorts of other eventualities - from having a stomach bug to whether the cramping is contractions!

Any similar experiences or views? I would be really grateful. Just wondering if I should keep trying to get to sleep or call someone (not sure who as midwife is office hours).

ktkaye Fri 30-Dec-16 02:02:31

It's such a worrying time isn't it! Sounds like you could just be feeling the effects of stopping yOur meds and possibly some round ligament pain ... but everything seems magnified at night so it's understandable to be a bit worried. I think in the absence of bleeding or increased discharge they tend to say some mild cramping/'pinging' pains etc is nothing to worry about, I used to get it a lot and lie awake for hours obsessing about it! That said if you are at all worried then give the hospital a call, the number should be in your notes. They really won't mind and may be able to put your mind at ease over the phone or make an appt to pop in for the once over in the morning. Hope you feel better soon x

SmallBee Fri 30-Dec-16 02:23:32

if you are worried absolutely give the maternity ward a call. its exactly what they're there for. hope all is well flowers

haveacupoftea Fri 30-Dec-16 10:13:12

Have you been exposed to norovirus? Sounds like the start of v&d confused

sj257 Fri 30-Dec-16 10:16:22

I'd ring the hospital

Allaboutthecake13 Fri 30-Dec-16 13:27:55

Thanks all flowers

Spoke to midwife this morning and she has said it sounds like a combination of a stomach bug and a baby growth spurt. Apparently the lower part of the uterus stretches a lot between 25 and 30 weeks which accounts for the twinges and as the sickness feels a bit different to pregnancy sickness so far, she reckons that I've probably picked up one of the many bugs that are going around.

Think an afternoon of lying on the sofa is in order.

haveacupoftea Fri 30-Dec-16 18:25:47

Feel better soon flowers

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