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Spd advice

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sparkle789 Thu 29-Dec-16 21:35:52

I'm 12 weeks with dc3. I had spd in my last pregnancy started and 14 weeks and I was on crutches from 20. This time the pains have started already (actually 2 1/2) weeks ago. I am struggling so much and really worried about the rest of the pregnancy. I have forgotten all the advice I was given last time - what can I do to ease the pain? I'm using a hot water bottle but nothing else so far. I'll speak to my midwife as well but I don't see her until 18/1.

shirkingworking Thu 29-Dec-16 22:20:04

Hello - poor you! You have my sympathy. I had it really badly with DC3 from about 28 weeks and was on crutches but still couldn't walk far. I was induced at 38 weeks as I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep. Look at 'The Pelvic Girdle Partnership' website. It has a lot of useful advice. And make a GP appointment ASAP to get you referred to physio. It take some time so make sure you get in the system now (and make sure you are extremely filers about how much pain it caused you last time so they make it an urgent referral). If you can afford it, look up a women's health specialist osteopath or physio and go to see them ASAP. But that is expensive... I'm only about 7 weeks with number 4 and already feel my hips going. Ugh. Good luck! And congratulations.

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