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H&M maternity jeans

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SellMySoulForSomeSleep Thu 29-Dec-16 21:04:13

Does anyone know the leg length of H&M mama jeans? I'm trying to find a pair and these look quite good but I need a 33 leg ideally.
It doesn't seem to say on the website. All the "normal" jeans come in their own leg length. Thanks!

welshweasel Thu 29-Dec-16 21:25:34

I'm normally a 33 and they were about half an inch shorter than I'd have liked. Great on every other way though and I mainly wore them with boots so didn't really matter.

GinIsIn Thu 29-Dec-16 21:33:27

I'm a 30 leg and they are too long for me, I'd guess they are about a 32?

SellMySoulForSomeSleep Thu 29-Dec-16 21:38:06

Thanks ladies. flowers

Doje Thu 29-Dec-16 21:40:12

Yep, I wear a 32” and they were perfect for me!

champagneplanet Thu 29-Dec-16 22:06:36

I ordered a pair of these last week. I usually have to buy a longer length leg in any trousers/jeans. They were okay, fine for wearing with boots, they were however a bit snug everywhere else so are going back!

ConvincingLiar Thu 29-Dec-16 23:42:36

H&M are not a generous fit, you may want to size up.

Sherbert38 Fri 30-Dec-16 02:35:28

I also found them a bit too snug and needed to size up to one larger than normal.

user1468957349 Fri 30-Dec-16 07:03:13

I wear a 32 leg and fine on me but another shout out for going a size up in H& M

welshweasel Fri 30-Dec-16 07:07:23

Yep agree a size up.

toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 Fri 30-Dec-16 08:33:50

Not sure but just to say I love mine! They are the comfiest trousers I have ever worn I never want to wear anything else and have bought 4 pairs :D

Spam88 Fri 30-Dec-16 11:16:22

Not sure either although they seem like normal 32?

And I go two sizes up...but now I'm questioning whether I'm just lying to myself about what my size is blush

GinIsIn Fri 30-Dec-16 12:20:12

Oh yes - they do size up absolutely tiny - I'm a maternity 14 everywhere else and have to get an 18 in the H&M jeans, but if you can overcome the size horror, they fit way better than all the others!

10Betty10 Fri 30-Dec-16 17:41:08

I think the H&M might be about a 33. I am an awkward 31 and when I tried they were a good 2 inches too long for me. Be prepared to feel like a hippo though- I'm normally a size 10, and have actually lost weight on my thighs during pregnancy (sickness) and I could even pull up the 14 skinnies!! I would have had to buy a size 16!

10Betty10 Fri 30-Dec-16 17:42:48

Ps. Don't get the New Look black ones- I just had to return them as they have attracted every bit of fluff in the vicinity within five minutes of wearing! Buying maternity jeans sucks angry

ConvincingLiar Sat 31-Dec-16 19:51:50

H&M have quite a few pairs of jeans in the sale. I've just ordered about 4 to try on. Don't forget to sign up to the newsletter if you buy online as it gives 20% off one item.

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