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Mam Anti-Colic Bottles

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user1474068825 Thu 29-Dec-16 17:06:32

I have purchased these bottles after research and have found very positive reviews, but I am struggling on the instructions. I hope someone could help me.
1. Using the bottles for the first time do you have to do anything other than washing and sterilising? Same with the steriliser? How do you clean the steriliser as well?
2. When using the steriliser do you also have to sterilise the tongs at the same time? It doesn't say to buy it makes sense right?
3. How long do the bottles stay sterile for? If made up from the steriliser and placed in the cupboard how long do we have until they are not sterile anymore? Same with the self sterilising bottles in the microwave.
4. How do you dry bottles? If no how do get dry?

First time Mum here, baby due in 5 weeks 🙈 I have a lot to learn!

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