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7 weeks and brown spotting for over 2?!

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user1481800358 Wed 28-Dec-16 16:17:43

Hi Everyone,

I am 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow but for the past 2 weeks I have had brown spotting everyday (minimal - no need for a pad). I had an early scan on 23rd and they reassured and said there was a heartbeat and things looked well. They couldnt see a bleed but said it was likely old blood.

However, this morning when I went to the loo first thing, it was pink (when I wiped) and I freaked out. I saw the doctor who has referred me for a 2nd scan but not until a week today because the hospital is too busy after Christmas envy. He was hopeless and said "Well, things have probably changed since your scan". I only had this once and now its brown again (tan colour). I am in no pain and still have pregnancy symptoms. However, I just want everything to be ok!

Please can anyone help and advise if they have been through the same (good and bad outcomes!). I have booked a private scan for tomorrow as I just want to see if anything has changed in last week sad

Thank you xxx

mistletoeprickles Wed 28-Dec-16 16:37:01

It's always difficult to predict, all you can do is hope for the best.
I can share two personal stories if that helps?
First when would be when I had my first m/c I started with brown when I wiped and miscarried 4 days later.
Second one is I had some spotting at 5 weeks, scan all fine and a follow up scan a week later. No sign of a bleed so just one of those things.

Just keep positive and see how it goes.
Do you have a local EPAU? They should see you pretty quickly. Usually within 24 hours. Maybe worth calling your local hospital and asking flowers

Pooky77 Wed 28-Dec-16 16:57:44

I had similar bleeding at both 7 and 12 weeks with brown spotting inbetween but no pains. First time I was seen at epau the same day which same as yourself found no issues. Second time I was seen at the maternity unit next day and again all fine. The lady doing my second scan said that they see lots of people every day with bleeding and most turns out to be fine but there was no real explanation for it.

It's such a horrible thing to go through and I hope all is well for you and your pregnancy and your scan can give you the reassurance you need. Just be aware that the brown spotting can continue for several weeks and as long as bleed does not get very heavy this can be normal.

user1481800358 Wed 28-Dec-16 17:00:13

Thank you for sharing your experiences Mistletoe smile

I know, I am hoping everything is ok and I know there is nothing I can do but rest and let nature take its course. The local EPAU cant fit me in until next Wednesday which I think is shocking. I got referred by my Doctor so if I called do you think I could get seen quicker? Otherwise, I do have a private one booked for tomorrow xx

mistletoeprickles Wed 28-Dec-16 17:21:29

I've always called the epau direct and they are great but I guess that depends on area and which nhs trust.

There is no harm in calling them

sophiaslullaby Wed 28-Dec-16 19:12:07

user1481800358 -I could have written your post (even to being nearly 7 weeks!), I've also had the same spotting -first thought it was implantation bleeding, which it probably was but the brown spotting continued and then turned pinkish before brown again, around about 2 weeks.
I let my doctor know and he said to go and see him if still spotting by 8 weeks -which I take to mean not a lot can be done or explained at this early stage.
I do fully empathise, it is so hard to handle. Ruined my Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve out of worry. Best of luck at your private scan tomorrow flowers

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