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Nine weeks and no contact

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user1482938661 Wed 28-Dec-16 15:35:53

Hello! I'm new here so I hope I'm doing this right. I am approx nine weeks pregnant with my first and am concerned about the lack of contact from gp/midwife. I had an appointment with my gp over three weeks ago when I first found out I was expecting and they said all my details would be passed onto my local antenatal unit. It's a bit complicated because between then and now I have had to change gps due to a house move. I'm getting concerned that I have not heard anything else from gp or midwife and I'm getting close to ten weeks. Obviously Christmas has most likely delayed things! But is this normal? When should my booking appt be? And who should I call to hurry things along if needed? Old gp, new gp, the hospital? I hope that makes sense! Thankyou

AbbeyRoadCrossing Wed 28-Dec-16 15:38:25

It varies between area. My first pregnancy booking in was at 12 weeks and in my second it was 8 weeks as a different area.
As you've moved GP it might be quicker to book in directly to the hospital. I didn't bother with gp but again this varies between area

Popskipiekin Wed 28-Dec-16 15:39:05

You can self refer to many (all?) hospitals. I would just get onto the maternity section of your local hospital's website and send them an email/fill out form for self referral, mentioning you saw GP x number of weeks ago. I think booking is usually by 10ish weeks but there was a backlog at my hospital so I was only booked the day before my 12 week scan.

fuzzywuzzy Wed 28-Dec-16 15:39:30

Booking in appt should be anytime from 6weeks onward where I am.

I think you need to call the GP and chase the referral I had to and it turned out they'd not bothered forwarding my referral to the midwives, I then had my booking in appt (which was pushed thro quickly) with midwife at about 9 weeks and got my scan date same time as midwife appt.

You definitely need to chase to make sure you get your 12 week scan in time if you want it.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Wed 28-Dec-16 15:39:32

Your first scan needs to be booked for around the 12 week mark though.

CaveMum Wed 28-Dec-16 15:45:09

It does vary depending on where you live, but where I am it is up to you to make the appointments with the midwives yourself: you collect a pack from the receptionist at your GPs and the phone numbers are inside.

Call your current GP surgery and find out what the procedure should be. You really need to get it sorted ASAP as scan appointments can book up weeks in advance.

Bisquick Wed 28-Dec-16 15:49:06

Call your new GP and/or self refer to your local hospital. Likely something got missed in the move. I had booking in appt at 11 weeks because of backlog and scan at 13.

Snowflakes1122 Wed 28-Dec-16 15:54:02

I also think maybe moving gps has possibly caused you to fall through then cracks. Call your doctors and see what they can tell you.

I wouldn't worry too much though, my booking in was at 11 weeks and only booked in a couple of days prior to the actual appointment (my fault for contacting them late in my case)
In my pregnancies they call and book the scan whilst you are there at the booking in appointment.

user1482938661 Wed 28-Dec-16 15:55:21

Thanks all. My gp said they would refer me and to contact them if I hadn't heard anything by now but having trouble getting through to them today!

arbrighton Wed 28-Dec-16 17:41:34

It is their first day back after their christmas break so they'll have been over run with every sniffle and sprain going!

Try googling your midwife service and seeing if there is a direct dial for them.

kmini Wed 28-Dec-16 18:06:03

Call the hospital midwife unit directly. They are generally hopeless I have found with both pregnancies.

paperandpaint Wed 28-Dec-16 18:32:46

Definitely call your GP. I hadn't heard after 3 weeks so chased via GP. The next day I had a text from the midwife unit for an appointment three days later! I got the feeling that they realised something had been missed.

wilfrhodes Wed 28-Dec-16 18:58:51

call them. mine claimed my address was incomplete on the referral (but if they knew this why did they not check with gp?) and my "booking in" appointment was at sixteen weeks! i was a mess in the intervening period as i was passed from pillar to post.

don't take no for an answer and get dp or friend to support you and give pep talks if being fobbed off by reception staff.

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