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Gender guess!

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mishalea22 Wed 28-Dec-16 14:16:15

Hi ladies!

So I just want your guesses on little bean please! First photo is 11w 2 days and the second photo is 12w.


Nikki2ol6 Wed 28-Dec-16 15:08:55


toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 Wed 28-Dec-16 15:17:13

Im not one of the experts on here, but that is the most certain guess I have ever made: GIRL!

HeadElf Wed 28-Dec-16 15:17:58

Not sure if you will mind or not but your full name is on the pic!

HeadElf Wed 28-Dec-16 15:18:41

Oh and I'd say a little girl grin flowerscongratulations!

mishalea22 Thu 29-Dec-16 22:45:08

Thanks ladies! Oh, I'm not bothered about info on it!

So many have said girl now, my gut is saying girl too! xx πŸ’—

haveacupoftea Fri 30-Dec-16 10:34:17

If the nub theory is correct, you have yourself a girl grin

Annabrooke90 Fri 30-Dec-16 11:48:57

Based on the 11+2 I'd say girl. However, if you were to put this on a site such as in-gender they would probably say it's too early to be confidently sure. Only reason being is that there's still time to rise. My sons 12+0 scan looked like a girl nub haha!

Im still going to go for girl though. Congratulations.

raviolidreaming Fri 30-Dec-16 16:17:29


mishalea22 Fri 30-Dec-16 23:24:05

Thanks ladies!

Gives me confidence when you've all had a guess at girl too! πŸ˜†

Happy new year to you all xx

user1481490957 Fri 30-Dec-16 23:48:31

Id say girl too

TallyHoAndToodlePip Sat 31-Dec-16 19:42:57

Another guess for a girl, here!

mishalea22 Sat 31-Dec-16 19:51:39

Eeeee thanks ladies! I'll keep you updated! X

mishalea22 Sat 14-Jan-17 23:17:18

Well done all of you! It was a confirmed little girl today!

Lillie Mae Gray xxx

Jenshoegirl Thu 26-Jan-17 18:42:09

Hi Ladies, I would love your guesses on my smiley bun 😍. We didn't find out at 20 weeks but it's fun guessing! First is 12 weeks the rest are 20 weeks

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