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Early pregnancy scans

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mummyin2017 Wed 28-Dec-16 13:00:42

Hello, I'm newly pregnant (4+4) and am considering going for an early scan once I get to 8 weeks. The reason I'm thinking of doing this is because I am constantly worried that there's a problem. I have one child already but there will be a big age gap as she is nearly 10. However I didn't feel like this at all with my first and was excited from day 1. I know there's no guarantee as I could still have problems after 8 weeks. Do you think it's worth going for one? Has anyone else had one? Thank you in advance x

Kranksy Wed 28-Dec-16 13:03:52

I had a scan at around 7 weeks, it was an ivf pregnancy so an early scan was standard. I did find it reassuring but was also mindful that things could still go wrong.

I would definitely go for it, congratulations x

m33r Wed 28-Dec-16 14:23:19

I have mine tomorrow at 7+5 owing to previous mcs. Have been really hanging on to it to reassure me but As it approaches I am starting to think it might just make me even more nervous... I suppose I won't know til tomorrow how I feel. Will let you know xx

TheTartOfAsgard Wed 28-Dec-16 14:24:33

I had one at 8+3 as periods were irregular so could have been anything from 4 weeks to 16

MoonlightMojitos Wed 28-Dec-16 15:40:39

I had 2 as I was very anxious due to a previous mc with my last pregnancy. I'd say it was worth every penny for the reassurance but it did only make me feel better for about a week before I would start worrying again. If you feel it will help you I'd say go for it and once you see a heartbeat after 7/8 weeks the odds are massively in your favour. Good luck smile

PlaymobilPirate Wed 28-Dec-16 15:43:23

As long as you can afford it- go for it! Good luck!

Blueroses99 Wed 28-Dec-16 15:43:36

If you can go afford it, go ahead! I'm 8+3 and have had 3 scans already - 2 at the IVF clinic which they do as standard, and one at the EPU because I had a second trimester loss in my last pregnancy so they needed to take some measurements and date the pregnancy (though IVF does that quite accurately!) for my ongoing care. Seeing the little one on screen is magical.

If everything is ok at 8 weeks, good strong heartbeat etc, it is less likely that things will go wrong before 12 weeks than if you hadn't checked. I've seen statistics on it somewhere...

mistletoeprickles Wed 28-Dec-16 15:45:52

I have had two scan already, I'm now 7+3.
The first one at 5 weeks was just a sack. At six weeks there was a yolk and a fetal pole.
Like m33r I'm having another one tomorrow and I'm hoping for a heartbeat.
I have read several things that say once a heartbeat has been seen the chances of miscarriage fall massively, although I'm not sure this is true but it's reassuring.
I have a history of m/c so I'm on tender hooks all the time.
Best of luck

mummyin2017 Wed 28-Dec-16 15:54:05

Huge thank you to everyone for your replies, I'm definitely going to book for the scan. I really appreciate your responses x

mummyin2017 Wed 28-Dec-16 15:54:40

Ladies having scans tomorrow - good luck, I'll be thinking of you xx

mistletoeprickles Wed 28-Dec-16 16:26:42

Thanks mummy from experience I'm fine until I get in the waiting room then I become a quivering mess!
Last time I was scanned it was by a student who kept going quiet and that wasn't fun!

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