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Bilateral choroid plexus cyst and moderate echogenic bowel

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Zak29 Wed 28-Dec-16 10:02:54

I had my 19 weeks scan and I been told the baby had Bilateral choroid plexus cyst and moderate echogenic bowel I been offered amniocentesis but we refused to do it and we had a blood test done for me and my husband it's scary and I can't sleep
My down syndrome test on the 12 weeks scan come as low risk but now my risk will increase
I just want to ask if anyone been told the same and what happened
Thank you

Wonkydonkey44 Wed 28-Dec-16 18:56:11

Pretty sure my scan with my first born showed an ecogenic bowel we had to have tests to see if we both carried then gene for cystic fibrosis. We didn't carry it and he was fine. Hope your ok x

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