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Fish oil supplements

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chelle85 Tue 27-Dec-16 22:02:05

I bought some pregnancy multivitamins with omega 3 from Asda when I found out I was pregnant but the info my GP has given me on diet advises against fish oil capsules. I'm not clear why as other things I have read indicates that EPA and DHA are important for neurological and visual development along with reducing allergies and improving milk supply for breastfeeding.

What are people's views? Are you taking them or not?

Suzysuz Tue 27-Dec-16 23:58:42

My understanding is that fish oil omega 3 is fine, but it's cod liver oil that shouldn't be taken. I'm still taking pregnacare with their separate omega 3 tablets.

thecatsarecrazy Wed 28-Dec-16 07:57:43

Pregnancy multi vitamins are fine. Just no cod liver oil for same reason you cant eat liver.

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