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1st labour Vs 2nd labour

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sweetchilli77 Tue 27-Dec-16 21:46:44

Is everyones 1st time giving birth always the worst?
I would say I'm naturally anxious about giving birth/labour having never done it, but i hear all these stories about "your first is always the worst"

Is it true?

BifsWif Tue 27-Dec-16 21:51:21

My first labour was lovely! Long, but not half as horrific as people would have me believe.

I bought a hypnobirthing CD from amazon and listened to it daily in the last few weeks and I think that helped, I would fall asleep listening to it more often than not blush.

Chasingsquirrels Tue 27-Dec-16 21:55:39

My 1st was fine. Waters went, contractions started 30 mins later, went into hospital and contractions started on the way. Ds1 born 2 hours after contractions started. Gas & air. No tearing.

GreenTureen Tue 27-Dec-16 23:05:09

It was for me...ds1's labour was awful, 16 hours, 4 hours pushing, assisted ventouse delivery and hemorrhage. With ds2 I was barely in labour for 2 hours, only had to push about 3 times and he was out, was much better.

babyinthacorner Tue 27-Dec-16 23:09:41

Nope! Despite it being the complete opposite to what I wanted (wanted a waterbirth, got an induction with epidural, gave birth flat on my back with legs in stirrups) it was actually fine. 7.5 hours from starting the drip to delivery. Epidural was lovely.
Second birth was more what I wanted, i.e. Just gas & air and no medical intervention, but I'm just as happy with my first birth as I
am with the second.

AmberEars Tue 27-Dec-16 23:12:02

My first was much longer and harder than my second or third, but it was still a relatively straightforward labour with no complications and a positive experience overall.

milkjetmum Tue 27-Dec-16 23:14:19

I think its just less of a surprise 2nd time. I remember with dd1 being sent home as was only 2cm and told to come back when something changed but with no idea what that would be! But once you've been there you'll know too!

Same can be said for most baby experiences, meconium, teething, baths, all much easier with a little know how and practice.

Physically must be something to it being a little easier 2nd time. I really felt Dd2 descend in labour and never felt that with dd1 (who was forceps assisted in the end)

Blumkin Tue 27-Dec-16 23:20:58

My first was a lovely easy labour, had very mild contractions/braxton hicks (like 3 secomds of period pain every half hour) for a few days. When they ramped up to every 15 minutes I phoned dh and made him come home from work. They were still very mild so went to sleep that evening, managed to sleep till about 3am when they started waking me up. Got to the hospital at 4am, I was only 3cm but they admitted me. At 6.45 the contractions became stronger, midwife examined me and I was 6cm. 20 minutes later dd just came out with 2 pushes.

My second labour they told me to get to the hospital early as my first labour had been rather quick, so dropped dd at nursery in the morning (mild contractions I could sleep through at night). They admitted me although I was only 1cm and contracting every 10 mins or so. By 2pm my contractions felt more genuine,so I was examined and had reached 5cm. By 2.45 I was cuddling D's.

Both labours were fine, the contractions were similar to period cramping and I got a break between them to recover my breath, etc. I found gas and air AMAZING, i just giggled my way through the whole thing both times.

If you're worried about labour then I'd suggest doing a few ante natal yoga classes, they teach diffenrt positions to use during the stages of labour and breathing techniques. I found it really helpful, especially when I was in the early stages of contracting as I could somehow get myself more comfortable.

chloechloe Wed 28-Dec-16 09:34:29

With my first I had to have an EMCS before contractions even started.

With my second two weeks ago I had a VBAC which was a really easy birth considering my body had never been in labour before. I went to hospital as my waters were leaking for a few days but I hadn't felt any contractions. Turned out I was 4cm already. I was put on an oxytocin drip to speed up labour due to the risk of infection with my waters having been leaking. DD arrived 3.5 hours later - the first two hours of contractions didn't really hurt. The last 1.5 hours did but I managed to breathe my way through them without any pain relief. DD popped out after 5 or 6 pushes in 10 minutes.

My advice would be to stay as active as possible. I was really frustrated by the drip as it meant I was hooked up to the IV and had to have continuous CTG monitoring. But I stood up the whole time and tried to move around in the little space I had.

If you're anxious about the birth I would definitely recommend the Maggie Howell hypnotherapy tracks.

sweetchilli77 Wed 28-Dec-16 14:40:36

Thanks ladies, seems its a mixed bag. Im not over anxious, just naturally anxious with it being my 1st time.
Will just go with the flow. It was an actual midwife i heard on OBEM who said 1st time is always harder!

I will defo look into bit of hypnotherapy, anything to chill me out a bitsmile

Snowflakes1122 Wed 28-Dec-16 16:16:14

My first labour was 4 hours from the very first sign of labour. All went well.
It's only natural to be nervous, I certainly was too.

Second labour was pretty much the same but 50 minutes.

You'll be fine, and it's so worth it smile

sandylion Wed 28-Dec-16 18:42:14

No! I had a waterbirth with the first. Zen as fuck. Second wasn't awful bit I had to be constantly monitored so laboured a lot on my back and it was agony. Try to be as active as possible and give birth on all fours or kneeling. Don't fear it, it's very sore but it's a very primal and purposeful pain. You will be able to endure it. I found hyobobirthing good for focusing the mind. I used Maggie Howell.

mistermagpie Wed 28-Dec-16 19:36:35

My first labour was scary but fast (water broke at 8pm, major contractions with soap-opera worthy screaming, got to the hospital at about half nine fully dilated and he was born at half ten). I am currently pg with DC#2 and am nervous about the speed of things this time around.

Yes it hurts a lot, in my case I was shocked by how much, but gas and air is great and it doesn't last forever!

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