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Terrible cramps 5+3

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Stormcloud10 Tue 27-Dec-16 11:09:54

I've been up all night with terrible cramps, I'm not a wimp either and the pain was horrendous, it kept me awake. I'm not too bad now but if it starts again I'm going to pop to the walk in centre. I've read that it's quite common, but I'm still really worried sad I've had 2 sections previously although a while ago now and I wondered if that could make it worse.

Shainamarpia Tue 27-Dec-16 15:29:31

I know it's common to have mild cramps I don't know that it's that common to have cramps that bad. Was there any bleeding?
I'm not sure about having had 2 sections before making it worse but I would say that it's worth getting checked out! Especially since they have kept you up.
I'd say you should call your local epu or go to that walk in you mention, just to be safe smile

pyjamapyjama Tue 27-Dec-16 23:36:32

I had this at the beginning of my pregnancy, from 5-7 weeks I would be awake for hours writhing in pain! I spoke to my GP about it, he said it was everything stretching in that area, but because the cramps were so bad I went to out of hours at the hospital and the next morning had a scan at EPAU to make sure everything was ok.

I'm now 37 weeks and my baby is totally fine, cramps are common but I would definitely speak to your doctor about it.


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