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Pre-Natal Plans

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Jess89Amie Mon 26-Dec-16 20:37:18

Hi all,

I'm due to get married on the 6th May 2017, and am hoping to conceive as soon a possible straight after.

I'm so excited to start a family and be pregnant, however I'm so nervous as I had a blighted ovum not long after my partner and I first met almost 3 years ago, and so we have both got our heads down with work and said we won't consider getting pregnant again until we're married.

I have a stressful job, and am currently on anti-depressants in which I will need to wean off in the New Year.

I have already come of my contraceptive pill in the hope of getting a regular period (as I've been on it for well over 10 years).

Does anyone have any tips or advice on when I should start taking pre-natal vitamins or any other info on conceiving - I have read it can take quite a while! hmm


Wonderflonium Mon 26-Dec-16 20:39:47

Just start on the folic acid, really. It's the luck of the draw how quick you conceive. Chances are that it happens in the first 12 months of trying if both of you don't have any fertility problems.

ConvincingLiar Mon 26-Dec-16 20:41:21

I'd advise you to stop thinking about it. Focus on your wedding and marriage. Be generally healthy. Don't stop ADs unless you've talked to your doctor about it. I don't think pre-natal vitamins are important if you're eating a balanced diet but it is worth starting folic acid in good time.

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