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Should we have our second baby?

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anon1457 Mon 26-Dec-16 14:33:41

Basically the title says it all.

Me and my DP, very happy and have a very lovely 20 month old DD. Partner has a good job, earning ok money, ideally like everyone we would like more but currently he is discussing a pay rise possibility with his boss but no guarantee.

I worked before my baby and have gone back part time (not earning much at all) my mum has my daughter so we have not had to pay for the expense of child care.

My considerations are that lately I have been feeling like I would like another baby, I do not want a large age gap between my children and am currently young ish I would say (27)

Career wise I have a degree but the job that I really want means another full time degree with a young child. The last six months I have been going to open days and really considering this as an option but part of me is saying have my children first and then do the career later. The career choice is a long term goal for example if I didn't get in next year I would keep trying because it's all I want to do. Partner is fully supportive of it.

I'm just in a predicament I want another child and feel that doing a degree and going through pregnancy and a small child would be too much but then I do not want to wait four years to have another baby which is the length of time the degree takes to finish.

We have discussed me going back to work full time but if DP gets the pay rise we hope we will not be entitled to any help with child care and as most people will understand putting DD into full time child care will be too costly for us leaving me with barely anything left from my wage.

I may get flamed for this but I don't really want to put my child in full time childcare when it's not for the sake of something I really want to do...

Does anyone have any experience of this?

Chosenbyyou Mon 26-Dec-16 14:46:01


Is there any chance you can do your degree by distance learning? Can you convert any credits from the one you have to reduce the time on the next one?

How do you handle pressure? If you have done a degree already do you think this next one will be extra challenging or not too stressful?

My situation, I am of the 'if you think you can do it you can camp'! I handle pressure well and tend to be maxed out. I work 34hrs per week, have a 2 yr old DD, pregnant 27 weeks, 3/4 way through DL MBA and have a corporate job. We have DD in nursery 2 days, DH one day, me one day and GP one day. We both earn the same and have a cleaner to take pressure off.

I personally would start the degree but it's hard to understand how much time you would need to commit? With my essays I just focus and write them and try not to faff about lol.


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