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Feeling so sick and tired, hating being pregnant

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Elliechar Mon 26-Dec-16 12:03:17

I am about 8 weeks now, I feel so so sick and have to run to the toilet to actually be sick every half an hour to an hour or so, so everything I eat gets thrown back up.

I'm so tired I can't go out and do anything because all of a sudden, half an hour into doing whatever I'm doing I'll suddenly feel so so tired and as if I could just fall asleep.

I can't stand the smell of alcohol or even looking at it makes me want to vomit and now to top it off I've fallen ill with a cold.

I should note, I'm only 18 and have decided not to keep the child due to my age and circumstances. I am due to have the surgical abortion on the 6th of January,

I guess my worries are, is how I'm feeling normal, will I ever enjoy alcohol or even COFFEE again? I feel like I never will..

And of course I am extremely worried about my abortion in a week or so.

Any help or advice would be great, I have also gone from wanting and deciding to keep it to changing my mind and deciding not to keep it so this is a really difficult time in my life.

Thanks guys, and hope you've all had a good Christmas, ellie

Kelsey28 Mon 26-Dec-16 12:23:03

Sorry that you feel this way Ellie. I felt completely awful during the first 15 weeks of my pregnancy (didn't know I was pregnant till 10 weeks). BUT it is important to know feeling this crap is only temporary. You'll soon be able to enjoy the things that make you feel ill now and won't feel so tired all the time. I know this sounds pretty hollow, and when I was as ill as you are now I didn't believe I would ever feel normal again. But everntually you will.

ThatFriskyFeline Mon 26-Dec-16 12:31:46


What you're feeling is completely normal. I had an abortion at 7/8 weeks several years ago. In the run up to that I had severe morning sickness and couldn't keep much down at all. After the abortion I pretty much instantly regained my appetite.

Expect a few days of heavy cramps. After that you will be back to normal.

You'll be fine smile

talulahbelle Mon 26-Dec-16 12:34:08

I've had a surgical miscarriage/ectopic. I went to sleep feeling so so sick and woke up feeling pretty much back to normal in terms of appetite and energy.

Not much longer, you can do this.

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