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Sore throat - not a cold? Strep A? Something else?

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Vida32 Mon 26-Dec-16 10:30:13

I've had a sore throat for three days that I keep expecting to turn into a cold but hasn't. It's worse in the night. I'm not sure if it's the throat waking me up or ongoing pregnancy insomnia or needing to pee (!) but once I'm awake it hurts a lot and it's painful to swallow. I've been getting up to make a hot drink every night in the wee small hours, which seems to soothe it somewhat.
Right now I feel tired but no runny nose or anything like that. So I'm worried it's something else like strep throat.
I don't have a fever or swollen glands and I've tried to get DH to look at my throat but he says he can't really see very far back.
I would never normally worry about something like this if I wasn't pregnant and I don't want to struggle to get an out of hours appointment over Christmas and waste people's time unnecessarily.
Has anyone ever had strep A? Would I know if I had it? I've only ever heard people talk about it in films! But it is mentioned as something to get checked out in my pregnancy book.
Or is this just a very focused cold?!

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