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Nub theory, please help if you can

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MoreSnowPlease Sun 25-Dec-16 21:13:06

Unfortunately our baby died at 16 weeks and we were unable to find out the gender. Is really like to have an educated guess from anyone who understands the nub theory please?

Nikki2ol6 Sun 25-Dec-16 21:27:07


Nikki2ol6 Sun 25-Dec-16 21:27:42

And so sorry for your loss

MoreSnowPlease Sun 25-Dec-16 21:30:55

Thank you, I thought so but wasn't sure what I was seeing was in fact the nub

peanut2017 Sun 25-Dec-16 21:38:45

So sorry for your loss. We lost our first at similar time and they found out for us. Might be worth asking. We did a naming ceremony months later which helped us but might not be for everyone.

MoreSnowPlease Sun 25-Dec-16 21:48:07

They are going to test to try to find out but very unlikely as baby had been dead a while and the plan is shut over Christmas so by the time they test it will probably be too late. But thanks and sorry for your loss too :-(

CiderWithRosy Sun 25-Dec-16 22:05:56

I think Girl. Congratulations!! So sorry for your previous loss x

MoreSnowPlease Sun 25-Dec-16 22:09:25

Thanks cider. Unfortunately this is the baby that had passed away, but I'd still like to know what it was smile

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