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Advice please - 41wks, do I request a c-section?

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hattie1979 Sat 24-Dec-16 14:30:10

Hi everyone. I'm currently 41 weeks pregnant & while my little boy is head down, he's not moved far down at all, in fact not far down enough for a sweep to even be attempted at this stage. My family history (10 pregnancies) is that all of the women have ended up with emergency c-sections as the babies have been too large for their pelvises. I've raised this with my midwife previously & she'd said it wasn't something they'd take into consideration. However this week I saw a new midwife & she has told me that it's highly likely if that's the history then I need to prep for that to be the likely outcome for me & my baby. I had really wanted a vaginal delivery, however the longer I'm overdue and ponder why he isn't moving further down the more anxious I'm getting about the delivery. I'd love any advice from people who may have been in this situation - will being induced actually help the baby move down or will it just cause him distress? do I make a late request for a c-section (can I even do that?!)? I've had no measurements done to know what size he is officially, nor do I know the size of my pelvis! Thank you in advance!

OhTheRoses Sat 24-Dec-16 14:32:37

You request a review with an obstetrician.

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