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ChickenLicken22 Fri 23-Dec-16 20:02:44

Hi, I'm about 32 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed anaemic last week (common I know) and was prescribed standard iron pills.

They constipated me! Does anyone know if I can just take increased doses of the over the counter liquid iron or are the iron pills especially concentrated and strong?

I'm seeing the midwife next week but wondered if anyone had any guidance before then.

Thank you

Nikki2ol6 Fri 23-Dec-16 20:47:45

They made me ill too and the liquid they gave it didn't work because they said it's not strong like the pills so I ended up having a drip put in, it took 20minuets and that's all I need I felt better 2 days later but they said it takes upto 3wks for its full effects but even my midwife said today how I'm no longer white and she said I was extremely white when she last seen me

ChickenLicken22 Sun 25-Dec-16 01:06:46

Eek, don't fancy a drip! I'll see what the midwife says and maybe take 2 pills a day instead of 3. Hate pregnancy!

jinglestheelf Sun 25-Dec-16 01:14:07

Get then to prescribe ferrous gluconate instead of ferrous fumerate or sulphate. It's easier on the tummy, I can't tolerate the other two but I can manage with the gluconate.

ChickenLicken22 Sun 25-Dec-16 12:49:06

Ah good tip! Thanks jingles

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