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Head feels like its exploding at 15 weeks - is this normal? What can I do?

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boompi Mon 19-Feb-07 16:02:34

I am 15 weeks pregnant with no 2 and have been very ill - admitted for a while back in Dec as vomiting constantly. Now 'just' nauseous. But for last two days my head has been throbbing - unbearable. Ive taken some paracetamol but dont want to take constantly. Head feels like its going to explode at times esp when I stand up or bed over. Brings tears to my eyes and making work/looking after a toddler v difficult. My Blood pressure is normal and Im drinking loads of water and able to eat ok now.
Any tips?
After ten weeks of terrible nausea/vomiting & tiredness i just want to feel normal again. Really battling to cope.

Wilbur Mon 19-Feb-07 16:13:37

Poor you, boompi. I had terrible headaches on and off through all three of my pregs, rerally throbbing ones like you describe, and I am not normally a headache person. They were helped a lot by making sure I was drinking lots of water and didn't get dehydrated and I also did baths with lavender in and other relaxing stuff. They eased off eventually, but they were hard for a while so I feel for you. Hope you're feeling better soon.

madmumNika Mon 19-Feb-07 16:15:22

Hugs ((( ))) sounds like you are having a rotten second pregnancy!

My first inclination was to suggest your headache's might be dehydration linked but as you're drinking lots of water that should be ok...unless you aren't getting enough salts/sugars. I have had bad headaches with this pregnancy too and started drinking small amounts of lemonade or sprite which seems to help lift it a little. I also rub tiger balm into my temples which again provides a little relief as with all the colds etc. going around I know my sinuses aren't quite clear which can lead to headaches.

The other possibility could be that your neck or back is slightly 'out of line'- maybe see if you can visit a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath to get checked over? My neck has been out much of this pregnancy for some reason and even though it doesn't feel sore it is contributing to my headaches. I see a physio for other things and she keeps having to work on my neck this past few weeks (I'm 18 wks pregnant now)!

Finally the best advice is to rest- maybe ask DH to give you a wee back/neck/shoulder massage one eve and try to really unwind.

Are you eating ok now? Just keep your sugars up as low blood sugar causes headaches too.
If it's still really bad and none of the above helps I'd go talk to your GP- you can't continue like this

Hope you feel better soon xxoo

pirin Mon 19-Feb-07 16:22:11

i had the same problem around 15 weeks. My headaches lasted about a week. I think they might be due to increased blood circulation because it helped when I tied a scarf around my head,like a sweat band, but really tightly!

MrsMcJnr Mon 19-Feb-07 16:33:07

Poor you Boompi - I commiserate and hope you feel much better soob.

Oh, is tiger balm ok? I heard it was and then that is wasn't. I stocked up in Singapore when I was there on Honeymoon in June because I get awful migraines and was really scared about being pregnant and not being able to take pills (this is day 6 of the latest - right behind the eyes - nasty!) you'll make my night if I can use some when I get home.

madmumNika Mon 19-Feb-07 17:02:09

Hmmm re. tiger balm- hadn't thought about that! . On the Boots product info sheet it says that Tiger Balm can be used in pregnancy & breastfeeding but to avoid "excessive use". I think so long as you are not putting loads on every day it should be ok, especially for just rubbing into a small area such as the temples. xo

Muminfife Mon 19-Feb-07 17:16:19

Message withdrawn

boompi Tue 20-Feb-07 20:52:03

Thanks - will try as many as possible! Massage from dh was lovely!

Greyclay Tue 20-Feb-07 21:23:43

I had bad headaches as well starting at 12 weeks and I asked my doctor about it. He suggested that it could be caffeine-related and outlined safe levels of consumption in pregnancy. I find that having one cup of black tea a day has helped my headaches (I was a big coffee/tea drinker before I became pregnant). Just a suggestion.

Aloha Tue 20-Feb-07 21:32:01

Sinus, I'll bet. Lot of it about. Go to Gp and get some antibiotics. It's awful.

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