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Washable maternity pads? And timing of ELCS please?

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Gardencentregroupie Thu 22-Dec-16 16:19:47

Starting to think about DC2 coming, now that the Christmas stuff is organised fsmile

Did anyone use washable maternity pads as opposed to disposable? Were they any good, are any brands better than the other?

And for anyone that had an ELCS, how far along were you? When did you get a date for it, and did that date end up changing? I'll be having mine for a problematic fourth degree tear in last labour, if it makes any difference.


Gardencentregroupie Thu 22-Dec-16 18:41:45


GourmetChild Thu 22-Dec-16 18:52:13

I'll bump for you but can't really help. Can't imagine washable maternity pads, there'd be so many of them and so much washing at a time when you're forgetting to even eat. Washable bamboo breast pads however, definitely yes!

JohnLapsleyParlabane Thu 22-Dec-16 18:54:16

Washable pads are brilliant. If you're on Facebook join the group The Bloody Waste. Earthwise Girls is a great website and if you contact them they will advise.

HeddaGabbler Thu 22-Dec-16 18:56:27

I got my date 3 weeks before. I was bang on 39 weeks.

welshweasel Thu 22-Dec-16 18:59:15

I didn't use disposable pads but could have done post ELCS (didn't bleed that much). My section was booked for 38+6 but ended up having it at 35 weeks due to a failing placenta.

Lovelongweekends Thu 22-Dec-16 18:59:28

With regards to ELCS, they won't do it before 39 weeks unless a medical need. I got the date on the Thursday for pre-op on Friday and c-section on the Monday. Date didn't change and was first on list so went in by 08:30!

welshweasel Thu 22-Dec-16 18:59:44

Oh I got my date when I went for my growth scan at 30 weeks.

SheepyFun Thu 22-Dec-16 19:03:20

I had an elcs. At 36+5, DD was scanned as transverse. 37+0 we tried ECV, which was initially successful, but she turned back that night. 37+2 I had a c-section booked for 39+1, and given an admission date of 37+5 (with a transverse baby, there's a risk of cord prolapse if your waters break; where I live you were admitted in case you went in to labour).

I was told (4 years ago) that doctors prefer to do ELCS after 39 weeks, as the baby is more likely to breathe properly. Hope that helps!

SerialReJoiner Thu 22-Dec-16 19:04:51

I bought a mega postpartum pad from Honour Your Flow. It's a gigantic thing! I can sew, so I copied it and made a few more in that size to save money. I haven't used it yet, but considering how much I hate plasticky disposables after birth, I'm looking forward to trying them out. I'm using cloth nappies as well so the washing shouldn't be an issue.

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