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Does this sound like I actually am in early labour...?

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Tinyhumanjan17 Thu 22-Dec-16 16:03:27

Hi waiting some advice, am 37+5 now. On Sunday I was having tightenings and pains similar to bad period pains every 6-7 minutes... I got checked at hospital and she said that my cervix was shortening and softening and that one side had started open but not the other? (she described it as the outside opens first then the inside)

Since then Mon and Tues my pains eased to a couple an hour. Yesterday they were just random and today they seem to have pretty much stopped except for a niggly Backache and a nausea that I can't seem to shift. Iv had loads of discharge but no waters or show. Also had a very strange feeling in my tummy on and off, not a baby moving kind of feeling but not necessarily a tightening as such sort of like a really heavy feeling that comes and stays for a minute or so then goes.

I have a sweep booked for Wednesday but I feel so crap I'm really struggling with anything!! Does it sound like things are happening or am I kidding myself?

Tinyhumanjan17 Thu 22-Dec-16 22:33:45


ReadySteadyNo Thu 22-Dec-16 22:36:35

Plenty of baby movements? Id call your midwife/ labour ward if you have any concerns OP. It does sound like early labour but that doesn't mean very much in some ways. Hope you are feeling okay.

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