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Misscarriage and flying

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Djmarbella Thu 22-Dec-16 14:23:43

Hi all!
Well yesterday we had the bad news that i have started to misscarry. Im 6+5 weeks but no heartbeat has been found, bleeding lightly, few cramps but gyno cant see blood going to baby and hcg levels are only slightly going up. Had 2nd opinion and she confirmed it aswell sad
My question is once i have misscarried which i am hoping it will happen naturally in next few days if not gyno will tell me my options, is how long after can i fly? I know there are infection risks so would like to know when it would be safe. TIA

Teakind Thu 22-Dec-16 17:50:09

Hello, I'm really sorry. This happened to me at about the same time and I flew the day after i eventually miscarried. The doctor made me wear flight socks and take aspirin plus it was a short flight. I'm not saying you should do that but is worth asking them what they recommend for you.

Sorry again for your loss

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