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Feeling like utter crap...

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PocoAndWine Thu 22-Dec-16 10:19:26

Please tell me to cop on and suck it up. I know I'm probably being a negative nancy but I need to rant!

My last pregnancy was a breeze. I didn't even get MS and had so much energy. This time around is so different. I don't recognise my own body sad my skin is literally peeling off my face and I have terrible spots (clear skin last time), my hair is dull and lank, I've put on weight EVERYWHERE! I feel sick still! (thought it would've ended by now??). I've already got stretch marks and I never got any last time. The list goes on!

I know, I'm just moaning and every pregnancy is different but I just don't feel myself. Thanks to a SCH I'm bleeding most of the time and my anterior placenta means i still haven't felt movement sad and the cherry on top is that my episiotomy scar is so sore and I think I have a haemorrhoid or something blush all this obviously leads to never wanting to have sex with DH and I feel so bad as I know I've been distant the last while also (can't even bare to be touched most of the time).

This is all lawfully scattery but I hope I'm not the only one right now smile

Teaspoon74 Sun 25-Dec-16 00:18:11

Hey Poco
I really sympathise and hope you're feeling better soon!!
All I can say is this (my 1st pregnancy) isn't the dream I keep hearing about (fatigue, com, weeding, sore boobs, aches and pains) and I've rapidly concluded that the ideal pregnancy doesn't exist!!
Hope it's all worth it in the end!!

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