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AWFUL nausea please help

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babyunicornvomit Thu 22-Dec-16 07:58:48

Me again, turns out I have lots of questions.

I'm 8+3 now and I'm having the worst nausea I've ever experienced. I can liken it to a really bad hangover where your stomach churns, feel a bit dizzy and lightheaded, but can't actually throw up to make it better! I've only actually been sick twice.

Main problem is that I'm really off a lot of foods and I'm worried about the lil one growing. The only things I can easily stomach are chicken and cereal. All the things I previously liked - chocolate, cheese, sandwiches, veg meals like stir fry - all just taste dry and wrong in my mouth.

Can anyone recommend any foods that could help settle my stomach and/or help bubs get the nutrition they need without making me sick?! I am taking multivits. Thanks x

McBaby Thu 22-Dec-16 08:04:55

Don't worry the baby will be fine.

Try stopping the vitamins they can make the neusea fat far worst I just took folic acid and vit d for the first 12 weeks for the last 2 pregnancies.

Go to the gp they should be able to prescribe anti neusea medication to enable you to function more normally.

Sparklyuggs Thu 22-Dec-16 08:06:27

Wish I had better advice but I'm the same. I spoke to a doctor friend and they told me to eat what I can and take my prenatal vitamins and not to worry too much right now as the baby will get what it needs.

Have you tried seabands? I find 6 small meals easier than 3, and I try to eat whatever fruit and veg I can manage in small doses.

Have you seen your GP?

Lunalovepud Thu 22-Dec-16 09:14:33

As PPs have said, don't worry about the baby - they take what they need from your body and you get whatever is left over so baby will be fine. When I was expecting DC1 the only thing I ate for months was orange calippos, salted popchips, egg mayo and french bread and he is absolutely fine.

Just eat what you fancy eating - if all you want to eat all day is cornflakes then do it. In a few weeks time you will hopefully feel much better and can return to a healthy diet then.

Nausea is the pits - I had it the first time and now I am expecting DC2 (only 6 weeks so very early) the nausea is kicking off again. DH has already purchased apocalypse levels of popchips. wink You have my absolute sympathy and I hope you feel better soon.

MissisBee Thu 22-Dec-16 09:19:52

I have gone off so much food, not eating normally at all. Small amounts and frequently helps, I'm eating very plain things and have found all my childhood favourites are working well. I know ginger is a cliche but a friend recommended ginger sweets from Holland and Barrett (called Gin-Gins) and I actually find them really good. In fact, will go and have one now. Also found the big multivitamins made me worse and have cut back to folic acid and vit D.

daisygirlmac Thu 22-Dec-16 09:21:17

Oh it's grim you have my sympathies. Really cold stuff helped me so ice lollies, smoothies made with ice. Smoothies are good because at least you're getting some fruit. Otherwise I lived on salt and vinegar crisp butties and macaroni cheese! Don't worry too much, just eat what you can as others have said. I actually found going for a walk helped, if you can force yourself off the sofa!

Anatidae Thu 22-Dec-16 09:25:16

Eat anything you can keep down (apart from banned stuff.)

It honestly doesn't matter if you eat junk for the next nine months - they take what they need from you. Folic acid, fluids and vitamin d are important- other vitamins not so much.

If you can't keep down anything you need medical attention. Rest as much as you can.

Teaspoon74 Sun 25-Dec-16 00:21:14

Hey BabyUnicorn
My sympathies!! Try cyclazine. Your GP/hospital consultant can prescribe. It's an anti-emetic and usually prescribed with another pill which is basically Bvits.
I've gone from awful sickness every day in 2nd tri to sporadic with help of pills.
Doesn't eradicate nausea completely, but I manage to keep soup and some bread down most days.
I'm told it gets better so hang on in there!!

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