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Referral to fetal medicin

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Vikkih89 Wed 21-Dec-16 21:03:21

Hello this is my first post.
I went for my growth scan today I had low papp-a so had a scan at 28 weeks and now at 33+4 days all was fine at the last scan but this scan they have refered me to fetal medicin due to baby's head being over the 97th centile. The sonographer wanted to refer me as the baby was measuring big and already weighting 6lb 5 not for head being so large. The consultant and midwife were more concerned about the head!?! At the last scan baby was 2lb 12oz and head circumfrence was measuring between normal limits.
I am sick with worry and they couldn't explain what this could mean but could mean serious problems as well as nothing to worry about. Has any one else had this?? I also have low platllets I don't know if this could be related. I have two healthy children who were 8lb 8 and 8lb 7 1/2 both born 1 day after thier due dates. Be great to hear from others as I can't find anything by googling.

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