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Is this real life right now?!

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SickRose Wed 21-Dec-16 19:41:36

So I came off the pill back in April but we haven't been actively trying as we were going to wait until my cycles had settled. My last cycle was 42 days, so when this cycle got to 50 days I didn't think too much of it.

Got a BFP this morning. Then another this afternoon. Positive enough that the second line was clear as anything whilst the pee was still moving up the stick. My only issue is that I can't get a doctors appointment before Christmas. So should I be taking this as a definite? Does the tests the doctors perform vary much in accuracy? Basically. Can I start getting excited??

Whatsername17 Wed 21-Dec-16 19:44:33

Yes! The doctor won't do a test. If you speak to your surgery they may just book you straight in to see the midwife. Congratulations!

idontlikealdi Wed 21-Dec-16 19:44:42

Yes congratulations!

My doctor won't even do a test after a positive home test.

choccybiscuit Wed 21-Dec-16 19:44:45

Sounds like congratulations ate in order! The doctor won't perform a pregnancy test on you, they'll just take your word. As your cycles vary, you have no idea how far along you are so I'd just book an appointment when you can but start taking folic acid now.

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 21-Dec-16 19:44:54

Congratulations! You're definitely pregnant smile The doctor probably won't do a test and you might not need to see them. Call the surgery and you'll probably be given details to refer you straight to the midwife for an appointment at around 8 weeks.

Imavinoops Wed 21-Dec-16 19:45:13

~~hops around excitedly~~

When I went to see the doctor they didn't even do a text, just took my word as law it seemed! I didn't have another appointment until my 12 week scan (was obviously a bit nervy by then!) And then the day after had my midwife booking appointment.

I don't know if your doctor would do it differently though..?

daisydalrymple Wed 21-Dec-16 19:45:45

Most doctors don't even test if you tell them you're pregnant. A false positive is extremely rare / practically impossible. Congratulations.

AuntieStella Wed 21-Dec-16 19:48:31

If you 'haven't been actively trying' presumably that means you have been using condoms? The fail rate varies from c.2% (perfect use) to about 15% (typical use) so pregnancy is likely.

You can trust a BFP.

Ring you'd GP surgery to find out what happens in your area. It varies between practices, so you won't get exact advice here. Mist doctors do jig perform repeat pregnancy tests, unless you have an underlying medical condition and may just give instructions on how to book your first midwife appointment.

All you need to do for now is find out how to get into your local system. And take a pregnancy multivitamin (folic acid and vit D being the important ingredients)

JosephineMaynard Wed 21-Dec-16 19:52:16


I would call your GP surgery and ask the receptionist the procedure for getting referred to the midwives where you are. My surgery won't refer you until the pregnancy is confirmed by a doctor or nurse.

SickRose Wed 21-Dec-16 22:39:27

Thanks everyone! I told the receptionist I had a positive test and she made a doctors appointment for me in the new year. To be honest it still doesn't feel real. Hope it sinks in soon!

ConvincingLiar Thu 22-Dec-16 06:55:36


At my surgery you don't need to see the doctor at all, although I think I did because pregnancy required a change in my normal medication.

arbrighton Thu 22-Dec-16 09:43:01

I only saw my GP to discuss my antidepressants- if it hadn't been for those, I don't think I'd have seen a DR at all. Receptionists just handed me midwives' number. They also had the prescription exemption form at reception. Got nurse to sign that off when I was flu-jabbed

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