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In need of advice

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user1482339683 Wed 21-Dec-16 17:10:44

Hi everyone i was wondering if any one has ever been in this situation and could tell me ths outcome.. in 25 years old and on the pill.. in october my dog had 9 pups over 2 nights and in the time i missed 2.3 pills i missed my period on 19th november and i have now missed another one which was due around a day or two agoo.. i have had some strange mucus, tiredness ans constipation sore nipples ect however i have done several tests and all have come back negative the last time i done one was yesterday morning..i have a doctor phoning me on friday soo i have been in limbo for over a month now and id just like to hear any advice or similar peoples storys.. thanku smile

Bex2110 Thu 22-Dec-16 15:14:03

Hi OP. Not had anything like this myself but didn't want to read and run. Are you on the pill where you take a break and then bleed? Have you don't a clear blue test? I found they worked best for me?

user1482339683 Thu 22-Dec-16 15:47:02

Thanks for replying .. i took a clear blue one around a month ago.. im on microgynon 30 ans always bleed on my break.. but this is the 2nd time ive missed and just thinking could somethin else be wrong

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