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Booking appointment

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user1482248732 Wed 21-Dec-16 16:35:32


I'm really sorry if I come across as silly/immature, this is my first pregnancy and I'm really nervous! I'm just finding it really hard to organise a booking appointment and feel really guilty about this.

This may sound really silly but basically my doctor's surgery doesn't have their own midwife so the receptionist referred me to another surgery after my GP appointment. I called the other surgery and they can't see me because of the area I live in, so gave me the correct surgery for my district. I called this surgery and they basically referred me to the midwifery unit in a hospital, I think, I asked the woman to repeat the name but instead she gave me the email address and telephone number. So I rang up the hospital and an automated message asked me to download and complete a booking form and email it to them, which I did this morning and I haven't had anything back, apart from an automatic reply which thanked me for my email and asked me to fill in the form I've already done. There was a disclaimer which said if I've done this already then not to worry they will be in touch very shortly. I still haven't heard anything all day and they're now closed. I'm trying to be patient and I appreciate I'm not the only pregnant person on the planet and I'm mindful that people are busy but I'm feeling really anxious and would really like to see a midwife!!!

Has anyone experienced this and am I working myself up for no reason?

Thank you.

MidMay Wed 21-Dec-16 16:40:38

We have a e-referral system where I work, which sounds similar to what you've described. The community midwives will usually get a print out in a couple of days and be in touch to make your appointment. If you've not heard anything in a few days call the hospital and ask for the community midwives office, oh and congratulations!

McBaby Wed 21-Dec-16 16:42:02

Our online form took a few weeks to get a appointment through. You wouldn't expect your booking appointment for somewhere around 8-11 weeks so I would be patient unless you are reaching 8-11 weeks and haven't heard anything.

arbrighton Wed 21-Dec-16 17:00:01

wowsers, that does sound a bit complicated. Our GP doesn't have an attached midwife either but they do have the phone number for the community midwives, who do their thing at the childrens' centre in our village. I rang up and had an appt the next week as they had one free (5 weeks) or I could have waited until 8 weeks. That triggered the scan appointment.
I do think you are perhaps being a bit over anxious. You only sent the form in today after all.

I know it's hard- I'm questioning everything, whether it's nausea, lack of nausea, hiccups, constipation, should I have a tummy yet? etcetc. Will it be ok on the scan? etcetc? Is there even a baby there?

But, the nerves and anxiety are not going to help the baby and there's a long way to go before you have that little one in your arms. Try to relax, warm but not hot bath, nice non alcoholic drink and make sure you have your folic acid and vitamin D.

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