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Any review on those consultant at St Thomas Hosiptal Private Maternity

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ella201407 Wed 21-Dec-16 14:17:49

I am planning to go private with St Thomas Private Maternity . Yesterday I had evening tour at 12th floor and visited the ward, talked to midwife. Meanwhile I was given a list of 5 consultants.
- Mr Con Kelleher
- Mr Kumar Kunde
-Mr Lawrence Mascarenhas
- Mr Dharmintra Pasupathy

Anyone who have been with any of the consultants are appreciated to provide some feedbacks.

In addition, I wonder whether I need to start booking a consultant immediately or wait until 3rd trimester with all usual examinations done with NHS. Any thoughts?

sweetpea20 Sat 24-Jun-17 07:52:17

Hi Ella - did you end up going Private? If so, with which consultant, would be helpful if you could advise as I have to pick a consultant soon.

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