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Just found out

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rainbowb17 Wed 21-Dec-16 11:29:57

I had a scan Sat to check for polysistic ovaries and instead the sonographer saw that I am pregnant! I did a few tests afterwards just to assure myself as it didn't feel real (3!!!) and today we went for an early scan and saw the heart beat (couldn't hear it yet) and they put me at 6 weeks. We're so excited but so scared at the same time. I just hope everything will be ok and can't wait for the 12 week scan. I guess I just need a bit of reassurance. Also I had no idea so have been acting normal drinking alcohol etc so am worried about that too (obviously have stopped now). It's a fantastic early Xmas gift though! smile

Ineverpromisedyouarosegarden Wed 21-Dec-16 11:45:28


BlueKarou Wed 21-Dec-16 12:43:09


Re: the drinking, you probably don't have to worry about it, especially as you've stopped now. My best friend didn't find out she was pregnant until something like 20 weeks, and that was after the Xmas period so had been drinking a little over the festivities. As long as you haven't been drinking to excess your baby should be fine.

How do you feel about it? Were you trying? Do you have any other worries, or are you still processing everything?

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