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Best place for maternity bras

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AmandaReid1 Wed 21-Dec-16 09:56:05


I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant and usually wear a 34F bra with wire. I'm keen to buy some maternity bras now as I'm getting way too big for my normal bras.

Any shops that people would recommend for measuring/ buying? I'm hoping to breastfeed to would be tempted to buy nursing bras although I'm not sure how much more my boobs will grow!!



haveacupoftea Wed 21-Dec-16 10:11:14

Hey at your size you'll likely be best going to a Bravissimo who will measure you and keep a good range of non wired and nursing bras. M&S are good too although a lot of their bras are online only.

FlipperSkipper Wed 21-Dec-16 11:28:35

I'm a 34F and found debenhams very good. I would have gone to bravissimo but it's further away and I didn't fancy trekking into the city! Debenhams have a good range even if you get measured at bravissimo, I got a 2 pack for £30.

LuckyinOctober Wed 21-Dec-16 20:00:11

I'm also about the same size as you and would recommend a trip to Bravissimo as the bras I got there are the only ones I've been truly comfortable in this pregnancy. I did also get some from M&S and Debenhams like others said due to the trek into the City putting me off frequent trips to Bravissimo but I haven't found the bras from there as comfy. The frequent trips have been needed due to my chest expanding on almost a weekly basis at times during pregnancy, so another tip I'd offer is not to buy up too many in the same size since it'll likely change. What I did find particularly helpful in M&S was bra extenders at £5 for 3 of them, as I've found my bump now starts immediately below my chest meaning any strap there is uncomfortable, but it does help if it's a bit looser with the extenders on.

Heatherbell1978 Thu 22-Dec-16 07:07:48

I didn't have a great experience with Bravissimo in my first pregnancy. Normally 34D but went up to 34F in pregnancy (pregnant again now and same). Girl in shop insisted I was a 32 which I may well measure as but really don't like the feeling of a tight bra but she was really persuasive and then insisted I wore the bra home as I was 'probably damaging myself wearing a 34'. I could barely breathe by the time I got home and had red marks all around my rib cage. Went to return and because I'd worn it they just gave me a credit note!! M&S and Debenhams for sure. I just bought the 2 packs of cheap t-shirt bras in M&S then switched to nursing bras towards the end.

arbrighton Thu 22-Dec-16 13:29:07

The girl in bravissimo clearly didn't know the rib cage expands in pregnancy then!
And how were you 'damaging yourself'???

I have some debenhams ones (although I started at 36B) and they're comfortable but not exactly pretty. I bought up one size from the B cup and it looks like I'll be busting out of those in the new year so will be going again. To be honest though, my shock absorber sports bras are even more comfortable and given they're non-wired, I'm slightly tempted just to get some bigger ones of those

Bex2110 Thu 22-Dec-16 15:05:43

I'm usually a 32F. I'm 23 weeks now and am measuring 32G. I went to an indipendant retailer and they recommended Heidi Klum maternity bras. They are so comfy and way better than the mothercare ones I had previously bought.

Stacestoke Thu 22-Dec-16 15:41:56

Before I got pregnant I was a 34F and my boobs grew immediately! After going up several sizes in wired bras I caved and went for a fitting for non wired bras at M&S as I found underwires really irritating underneath my boobs. The lady was so nice and told me that your rib cage expands, boobs grow at the front but also on the side of your boobs. She recommended and soft cup non wired bra. I was worried that it wouldn't support a large bust but but it's very supportive. I swish I had changed over to non wired weeks earlier! I got a black and nude for £20 each and am not planning on buying anymore bras unless I outgrow these, or until I need nursing bras. I would highly recommend M&S although I went to one of their very large stores in Camberley and they had a large choice of bras. Smaller stores may be less useful unless you just go there to get measured and then buy online.

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