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Struggling with weight gain & feeling low

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Lucinda15 Tue 20-Dec-16 07:41:48

I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I have one 5 yo DS but have had 4mc's over the last 18 months. Prior to TTC #2, I got into shape, and got down to a healthy weight and BMI. But with each pregnancy/MC I have gradually put on weight. I was also prescribed steroids for this pregnancy which increased my appetite, along with insatiable hunger I seem to get in early pregnancy, constant nausea only relieved by grazing and a craving for carbs! I've tried to eat healthy but have really struggled. I am now over a stone heavier than I'd ideally like to be, and am a size 16.

I am feeling really uncomfortable, and quite ashamed at how I look. I feel my bump is growing but my tummy feels so flabby and fat it makes me upset as I just feel and look fat. Even my legs feel large and uncomfortable. My boobs have ballooned and are swollen and sore. I'm scared I will only get bigger and will look even larger. sex has been off the cards due to history of miscarriage, and so I really feel very unattractive. And health wise, I'm also scared about gestational diabetes and a difficult labour.

I am planning to go to slimming world after Christmas to help me curb the weight gain (they have a great plan for pregnant ladies, midwife approved).

But I guess I'm just looking for some moral support and shared experiences. I know this is a fairly common complaint of pregnancy, but all the ladies around me seem so attractive and have tiny neat bumps and great figures. And all the books rant on about eating healthy and making the right choices. I just feel like I've got myself into a mess quite early on, and feeling a bit low!

choockychoo Tue 20-Dec-16 09:04:52

I'm in the same boat, lost loads of weight now I've put around a stone on too in the months before falling pregnant and now, I'm only 7 weeks. I'm gonna get Christmas out the way and start slimming world again too. And as soon as baby's here I will be non stop walking pushing my Pram like a proud new mum everywhere, so I'm sure with that and breastfeeding the weight will fall back off,, good luck X

Bumbleclat Tue 20-Dec-16 09:23:13

Don't worry, the first trimester just follow what you need to keep nausea at bay. It balances out in the last 2 trimesters where you crave healthier foods.
Most of the weight is water anyway and will all come off in the wash.

Lucinda15 Tue 20-Dec-16 09:31:37

Thanku both. I just feel a bit disheartened. Wth DS I didn't put on much and was lighter than this. Plus he was an easier pregnancy with less nausea/ms and much more manageable hunger. I just feel I'm eating so much and feel so huge! It's disconcerting. However, I did find I lost loads of weight breastfeeding and walking with the Oran so will do that too!! (All being well) fingers crossed I can manage the weight gain a bit better now in 2nd tri.

feesh Tue 20-Dec-16 09:32:38

I can so relate to this. I'm 17 weeks and I feel exactly the same. My appetite was insatiable during the first trimester and I put on about 12kg (not sure what that is in stone, but it's a lot). All I could do to stave off the nausea was eat and I couldn't stomach anything healthy - it had to be crisps or bread or cheese. I am now FAT and feel huge and disgusting. I have only just been able to stomach 'normal' food in the last week (meat, veg) but it's Christmas and it's hard to eat healthily.

I did this in my last pregnancy as well - I was 100kg when I delivered and I am ashamed to say that I put on even more weight after due to trying to keep milk supply up and not having time to eat well. It took me 4 years to get back to anything like a healthy weight and then I got pregnant again and this is where I am now.

I am feeling thoroughly miserable and fed up. I just hope I can get back on the wagon again after Christmas and try and rescue the situation.

There are no photos of me with the baby after my last pregnancy because I felt so minging and I don't want that to happen again.

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