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Low blood pressure

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leighdinglady Mon 19-Dec-16 17:39:49

I'm coming up to ten weeks and my blood pressure is so low I can't even have a shower without needing to squat down on the floor! I haven't managed to condition my hair as I'm so desperate to jump out and sit down.
At my booking it appointment the poor midwife wasn't able to take my blood as she couldn't find a vein that would keep pumping. They're really thin and collapse.
I'm not really worried as it's always been a bit low, and I know prep can make it worse, but any tips to increase it? It's starting to get me down (literally and figuratively!)

Helspopje Mon 19-Dec-16 17:48:25

How low is low? And what is your hear rate as cardiac output/perfusion is sort of a product of each (kind of, with other variables too)

Mine is usually 80/50 ish with a hr of 50 in early pregnancy. Is 90s/60s hr 45-50 outwith pregnancy.

Get quite fainty and fall over a lot in early pregnancy. I get wierd visual symptoms. Best thing is to drink plenty and sit in the shower and not overdo it. Rest when you need.

Doesn't happen in later pregnancy or non pregnant so must be on the cusp of an issue and the small decrease makes all the difference

Helspopje Mon 19-Dec-16 17:49:01

Veins collapsing will be unrelated as bp is the arterial system, not venous.

leighdinglady Mon 19-Dec-16 18:25:54

It has been around 80/50. I'm not sure of my heart rate. Before I got pregnant my resting hr was around 70. It rockets up to 190 when exercising, but that probably says more about my fitness level!
I think 80/50 must be low for me as I've not felt this bad before. I'm pretty tall too which doesn't help!
My veins are really thin. The hospital managed to get some blood but only a really slow trickle. It's a nightmare trying to have blood tests!

sweetchilli77 Mon 19-Dec-16 22:20:14

Drinking plenty will help your BP and also make it easier for blood to be taken. Veins do not like dehydrated bodies...

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