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Feels like I'm gonna be pregnant forever!!

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choockychoo Sun 18-Dec-16 22:29:08

Ok so I'm only 7 weeks gone but I find myself wishing each day to go a little quicker so I can get to the next week along! Than its like "yay I can read what's happening to the baby at 8 weeks now woopie!!"
This is my second pregnancy and it's been long awaited, I wish I could just enjoy it but I'm just wishing it away!
I'm worrying because I lost a baby before at 10 weeks, so in my head if I can get to 12 weeks than I can start getting excited about it, I dont want to get excited for it to not last and be devastated again.
Anyone else count down the days, and I know people are gonna think I'm so wrong for saying this but does anyone else try to stay detached from their pregnancy in the early weeks? I really don't want to but it's so painful when it all goes wrong

Princesspinkgirl Sun 18-Dec-16 23:06:45

When you get to week 13 it seems to fly honestly I'm 39 weeks pregnant now and it's gone ridiculously quick lol

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