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cramping after orgasm

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millyhopemum Sun 18-Dec-16 11:47:12

Hi ladies.

sorry in advance if its TMI but could really do with some advice.

so im 9 weeks tomorrow with my first. I havent been assigned a MW yet and havent had a scan and i doubt i will till next month some time now. So im new to everything right now.

Ive read that having sex / orgasms can be both good and bad during pregnancy.

Im a believer that having sex is ok, but being a bit of a hypocrit (sp?) i havent allowed my other half near me since i found out.

Ive been having very vivid dreams which makes me wake up quite horny but still i refrain from the sex with a little fear its going to do harm.

Well this morning i couldnt resist any longer and i gave in and gave myself an orgasm.
Im now experiencing mild cramping and kind of regret it now.

ive read its quite common to experience this but wanted to see if you ladies had experienced it too and how long these cramps lasted?

Its been around an hour for me and its just scaring me a little.

thanks x

BembaNugget Sun 18-Dec-16 12:44:02

Hi there smile

I have experienced this myself, but this being my first child, I was a little worried too when it first happened.
My cramps haven't stopped for about 10/20 minutes after dtd and they have been pretty painful.

Why don't you discuss it with your GP? I'm he/she will be able to help smile

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Sun 18-Dec-16 13:21:24

I've not had sex in the first trimester because I was too ill, but orgasms from 14 weeks onwards (now 35 weeks) set off Braxton Hicks for me. Generally only one long one, but last week sex kicked off half a days worth of painless contractions every 5 mins which freaked me out a bit!

millyhopemum Sun 18-Dec-16 13:44:30

Its scary isnt it ? i would try with the doctors but my clinic is a nightmare to get in to. if i tried to get an appointment i will probs be the new year now before im seen.
the cramps have stopped and just feel a bit sore now, like the stretching feeling you get.
Can forget having another orgasm if this happens each time lol.
think i may wait it out till after first tri and ice seen the MW finally.
good luck in your pregnancys ladies smile x

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