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Somone PLEASE be kind enough to gender guess!

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PsychedelicRaccoon Sat 17-Dec-16 16:11:09

My baby at 13+3

Boy or girl, what do you think?


Alj001 Sat 17-Dec-16 16:11:58

I guess boy smile

NoArtificialColours Sat 17-Dec-16 16:13:53

Girl? (FYI I know nothing about skulls and nubs)
Congratulations x

PsychedelicRaccoon Sat 17-Dec-16 16:29:11

I don't have a preference but I'm so eager to know. I can't figure out the skull & nub theory for the life of me either

Nikki2ol6 Sat 17-Dec-16 18:18:57


NeverAShadowOfDoubt Sat 17-Dec-16 18:53:27

I think boy too smile

PsychedelicRaccoon Sat 17-Dec-16 22:35:42

Thank you girls
My gut feeling is a boy

MargoChanning Sat 17-Dec-16 22:38:51

You may not have realised but o think that scan picture has your name and birth date on it OP.

PsychedelicRaccoon Sat 17-Dec-16 22:47:25

I'm not bothered Margo, thanks for letting me know though

Thewolvesarerunningagain Sat 17-Dec-16 22:59:19

I guess boy too. Congratulations!

PsychedelicRaccoon Sun 18-Dec-16 19:39:03

What makes you all say boy?

Annabrooke90 Sun 18-Dec-16 20:18:00

Boy, the second picture has a nub in it, although baby looks like it is slightly turning awa so that can sometimes throw things, but the nub that I see appears to have stacking which indicates boy.

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