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Extra Painful Back Ache!!!!!

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frances123 Sun 18-Feb-07 20:21:08

Hi Im 14+5 and for about the last week have been getting REALLY REALLY lower bad back pain.
I find sitting painful and excruciating when in bed to the point I cant move. I woke up at 5am this morning I could barely move the pain was so bad then I coughed and thought I was going to die the pain was that bad!!!!
My partner brought me a preggy pillow which has not helped and a hot water bottle.
I know its too early to be the baby so Im really confused, I have never suffered from back problems before.
Has anyone else had this or any advice

CorrieDale Sun 18-Feb-07 20:30:56

It's your ligaments loosening up, I should think. It should ease off shortly, and then get worse again as the baby gets bigger. Try an osteo - but get one who's experienced in pregnancy.

WestCountryLass Sun 18-Feb-07 20:31:06

It might be the baby, if the baby is low in your pelvis then it might be putting pressure on your coccix. You might find it eases up as the baby gets bigger and moves more into your abdomen. I have found this happens to me (3rd baby now) and am now 34 weeks and am getting low back pain again as baby seems to be low down now.

Mistiek Sun 18-Feb-07 20:52:57

Hello, I am now 34 weeks preggies... And have suffered with REALLY bad lower back ache from about 12 weeks.
Dont want to sound like the bearer of bad news but have you thought about SPD? Symphasis Pubis disfunction? it could also be this... your best bet, if it continue's, is to speak to you MW and get her to refer you to Physio. Even this early as this is what I did. I have been diagnosed with SPD but the physio was aslo able to tell me that my back was not working correctly and with the ligaments softening it was making it worse. She was able to give me some exercise to help and do's and don'ts... so it might be worth it. I also find sleeping with a pillow in between my legs makes it easier to get up in the morning. Also try not to roll over onto your back when you sleep (pillow between the legs helps with this too) as I find if I do I cant move in the morning. If it is killing you when you are standing for things like doing the dishes etc, try placing one foot on a step or open the cupboard under the sink and put your foot on the bottome shelf... Sorry about the long message but hope some of this helps...

goldenpeach Thu 22-Feb-07 15:09:47

Does your hospital run a physio class? Usually it's around 20 weeks. You also get more physio pointers later if you do the preparation for labour classes. Unfortunately we were told you need to care for your back even after the birth as the ligaments stay soft for a long while. If pain is really bad you need to talk to midwife and they refer you to physio for one-to-one assessment.
That's what we were told: don't bend down, go down on one knee (like you're proposing) when you pick up your laundry or anything else to keep back straight. When in pain watch Tv on all fours or sit astride on hard chair with a pillow on backrest. If you experience front pain as well, sit aside with pillow on nearby table. Look at your medical notes, there should be exercises for the back there. I had a back problem in the past and exercise is the only thing that works (anything else is a short-term fix). Pillows between legs and under bump didn't work for me when sleeping, I lie on my left side with legs together and bent, also I stay away from soft couches. I try not to slouch, my favourite seat is an office chair with back and a special pillow under my bum, the seat tilted so my knees are lower than my bum. Put a pillow under your bum when you sit, the important thing is YOUR KNEES HAVE TO BE LOWER THAN BUM WHEN SITTING DOWN to keep your back straight. Sometimes I use deep heat rub, but it's a short term fix.

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