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TTC- tested BFN four days early is there still a chance?

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Daisygirl1991 Sat 17-Dec-16 11:09:24

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and am just looking for a bit of advice and to hear about others experience of ttc!
So me and my partner of 9 years have decided that this month would be the month we started ttc our first! I am totally aware it is not going to happen overnight and can take people a year or more to conceive. However I've been having symptoms which just aren't normal for me and it's really getting my hopes up!
I have had really sore achy breasts on and off for the past 11 days, yesterday it got worse as it was like a sharp shooting pain through them! This has been the most noticeable difference because I've never experienced this before I don't get sore breasts even with AF.
I also had period like cramps on and off every day for a full week last week where I thought I my period could have came they got so intense! Those have disappeared for the last 4 days which is also not something I'm familiar with!
I also got a large spot on my chin early last week which is usually something I get when AF is due but it's not due for another 4 days from now. I don't ever usually get spots unless it's my time of the month!
I've been really run down this week with flu like symptoms, nasal congestion, headaches and feeling queasy, which could just be something I've picked up because it's that time of year where flu is going about and I do work With children!
I don't really usually keep track of when my AF is usually due - something I'm regretting now! But based on a 28 day cycle from my last af I would be due in four days - I took a boots strip test (five tests for five pound so probably not the best) this morning using fmu and it was negative.
Looking at my symptoms I'm just really hoping I've tested too early!
Has anyone else had a similar experience?
I know it's only my first month of trying but I really hope AF doesn't show up next week, a bfp would be lovely just before Christmas!

SaltedCaramelEverything Sat 17-Dec-16 12:11:09

I understand what you say about symptoms, but sometimes when ttc you become much more aware of things that were there when AF was due on or perhaps coming off the pill can change things. However... I'm not posting with just bad news! 4 days before AF is so early to test. The advice you'll get on here is to wait until AF is due and then test - I know those extra few days can drag but it's honestly worth it so you don't get your hopes up or too disappointed too early. Good luck and I really hope Santa brings you a BFP!

catx1606 Sat 17-Dec-16 12:17:18

It's so difficult not to get your hopes up when pregnancy is the one thing you want but I would wait until you are a couple of days late before taking a test. I had period symptons when I found out I was pregnant. In fact, the cramps I was getting were worse than they ever had been and I was takin co-codomal just to get through the day, they were that bad! I took a pregnancy test after then completley going off my food and I was 5 weeks pregnant. Fingers crossed for you smile

Oysterbabe Sat 17-Dec-16 12:28:36

You've had sore breasts for 11 days? So from before you would have conceived?
Do yourself a favour and try not to symptom spot, you'll find symptoms when you're looking for them. I'd also wait until after your period is due to test, you can drive yourself mad squinting at imaginary lines, not to mention the money you waste.

I thought I was pregnant every single month when I was ttc. It's really, really hard but try and stay calm and patient smile

Daisygirl1991 Sat 17-Dec-16 12:53:05

Thanks for your replies, your probably right, I'm probably looking into 'symptoms' too much because this is my very first month of trying! I am going to wait until Friday to test again, as this will be a few days after AF is supposed to start!
The sore breasts is the thing that is making me wonder the most, Oysterbabe, i know what you mean, I did wonder at first if I was just noticing things that werent even there! But I wouldn't say I was really even looking for symptoms when I noticed how sore they were, because I thought it would of been way too early to get things like that anyway, I always thought of symptoms as being a missed period and morning sickness! It was only when I noticed how sore they were I started to look online to see if anyone else had sore breasts that early on! I've never experienced anything like it, so I don't feel like it's something my body normally does and I'm just noticing because it's on my mind, if you know what I mean, it keeps catching me off guard, it was a dull ache for the first few days but now it can get soooooo painful! 3 or 4 times yesterday I got a sharp shooting pain searing through the right one, at one point I was standing at work and it caught me off guard! I feel like I would of noticed this if it happened before because how much it hurts!
You could be right though! I could just be a lot more aware of my body this month! I'm so new to this stuff!
I do know I took the test too early and it's probably way too early for symptoms, I am guessing this ttc stuff drives everyone crazy ha!
thanks for your comments, sometimes you just need to hear things from someone else's point of view! smile

NetflixandBill Sat 17-Dec-16 13:51:38

I hope you get a positive, but four days early is more likely than not to be negative.

If youre not successful this month, i would advise using a period tracking app at the very least. I would never have got pregnant if i had aimed for ovulation on day 14, i can ovulate anywhere from day 17-28, but being able to pinpoint it has meant that i have always concieved very quickly.

SaltedCaramelEverything Sat 17-Dec-16 14:45:02

I definitely agree about the period tracker app. Mine were irregular so the advise was to wait until the latest day of a previous one to test. The month I did conceive must have happened to be a shorter month, as by the time I tested there was no mistaking a line! Which was a nice relief not to have the squinting at faint lines. Plus ovulation sticks are brilliant imo - conceived first time I used them after a few months not (when I realised I ovulated days after day 14 - was a bit stressful waiting until like day 22 to get the positive ovulation result though - so be warned. I'm sure you now know ttc isn't that fun - but all the best fsmile)

Daisygirl1991 Sat 17-Dec-16 14:51:20

Thanks smile
I am using a conception app, this is where I've been tracking symptoms and how i know when my af could be due, so if I'm unsuccessful this month at least I've learnt not to look into stuff to much and keep track of everything

Daisygirl1991 Sat 17-Dec-16 14:54:24

I will definaltey look into using those if I'm unsuccseful this month because I can be irregular too! Thanks 🎄

scaevola Sat 17-Dec-16 18:31:48

The TTC topic is over here:

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