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Implantation bleed or not - what on earth is going on?!

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sophiaslullaby Sat 17-Dec-16 10:24:05

DH & I are ttc again, my periods returned after 7 months after having DS. Last 2 months they seemed regular at every 26 days, very heavy and all the glorious symptoms to boot!
I don't expect them to be regular by the exact date so when 26th day (10th Dec, last Saturday) came and went with no period I wasn't surprised.
On the Tues 13th (29 days since last period) I had a small bleed and thought it was my period (bummer) but that was it for the rest of the day. No more bleed over night nor the next day. Day after it was brownish when I wiped.

Now i know about implantation bleeding - had it with my first - but hear it's only meant to last up to 3 days. I've had spotting for 4 days now (pinkish brown).
Very tired - but I have an active toddler....
Boobs NOT sore, but I still breastfeed...
Cramps, but they feel like period cramps
Took HPT on the 14th but came back negative.

This morning I'm now getting slight discharge that one would get in the middle of their cycle. I usually take pride in the fact I know my body and what it's doing, this is a curve ball.
If it's an implantation bleed it's a very long one (if very little - smears only). If it's my period why the sudden change from very heavy each month to this faffy nonsense?!

sophiaslullaby Sat 17-Dec-16 15:01:43

Oops, on wrong board, will move over to the Conception one.

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