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Not quite 3 months; tummy bug

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monal Fri 16-Dec-16 11:34:05

I am getting on for 3 months pregnant but I haven't seen any doctors/midwives yet, booked for a scan in early Jan. I have a tummy bug, D&V, not drastic but I am at work and I feel so bloody sick. I can't really keep anything down, I've only managed water and a clementine since this morning and I feel like the clementine wasn't a great idea. Is there anything I can take? For example, the French home remedy of choice: coke. I imagine a single can of coke is not going to do more damage to en embryo than continued puking, right? Any other brilliant ideas other than going home to bed which is also high on the list? Should I see an actual doctor?

SarahOoo Fri 16-Dec-16 11:41:32

I would go home, I had D&V at 17 weeks and got so bad I didn't keep any water down and ended up being admitted with severe dehydration and having four litres of fluids.

Avoid the coke right now, you will be losing a lot of water through the V as well as the D so keep going with that but at home. You will also be contagious so don't put that on your colleagues (sharing of toilets, taps, door handles etc).

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