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Needle phobic and various struggles, unsympathetic midwife

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SnowInNovember Fri 16-Dec-16 10:57:35

More a bit of an AIBU really...

I'm terrified of blood tests. As in I feel sick and dizzy as soon as a nurse/whoever starts getting the equipment out, and often end up panicking and breaking down in tears and hyperventilating before they've even touched me. Anyway, a year or so ago we found out I was much more relaxed having blood taken from the back of my hand with a butterfly needle (and easier on the nurse as the veins in my arm are practically non existent), to the point where I just stick my hand out shut my eyes and let them get on with it, usually with no panic. All the healthcare professionals I've come into contact with I let them know and they just do it for me, never been an issue.

At my first appointment with my local midwife I mentioned my issues with needles and she told me she couldn't take it out of the back of my hand (I assumed because she didn't have a butterfly needle, although one GP used a normal one to get it and that wasn't too bad), so I was sent to see one of the nurses in the GPs surgery to have my bloods done - no problems, they took 4 tubes.

So I go for another appointment yesterday, I'm now 29 wks pregnant. She said she needed one tube of blood. I assumed because she knows what I'm like and what we've done previously she's got the butterfly needle ready this time (this is even in my notes). I sit on my hand and try to warm it up while she chats to me, and open and close my hand ready etc. When she asked if I was ready I said yes, and gave her my hand. She promptly pulled up my sleeve and went to put a strap around my arm, clearly going for there. I immediately panicked, broke down, and started hyperventilating. Luckily I took a friend with me and my friend reiterated I don't have bloods taken from there, as she knows, while I tried to calm down. Midwife looked extremely irritated and said 'well I can't do it then, I've never used a butterfly needle'. I was promptly sent for bloods over with the usual nurse in the GP surgery, who had no issues.

Now I've calmed down I feel cross that the midwife put me in that position knowing how bad I am and sat watching me get the vein up in my hand whilst she had no intention all along of taking blood from there. I'm also a bit shocked that a midwife has never used a butterfly needle - is this normal? I would have assumed she would have had to with babies? She can be a bit standoffish with me too - I've recently tried to talk about some of the factors causing me high levels of stress at the moment, for example, and she's not really offered any insight/advice/offered to put me in touch with anyone who can help. Are most midwives like this? I was in a large city hospital recently and the midwives in the maternity wing there were absolutely lovely and listened to you/took time with you despite being rushed off their feet. I just feel I can't ask her things because she just doesn't seem interested. I assume when I go into labour I'll have a cannula and blood will just be taken from there? (I'm having IV antibiotics during labour).

Any advice appreciated on dealing with awkward midwives or just tell me I'm being a pain in the backside for having unreasonable phobias smile

Hollyhop17 Fri 16-Dec-16 11:42:07

You absolutely are not. I have a severe needle phobia and also only have bloods from my hand and a butterfly needle. I recently had to go to a and e where they insisted on putting a cannula in, whicj wasnt needed, and the whole event was very traumatic.

Sorry you have had such a poor experience, I know how terrible it makes you feel. Can you talk to a different midwife? Sorry, I'm new, only 9 weeks, so cant offer too much advice but a lot of sympathy X

SnowInNovember Fri 16-Dec-16 12:00:35

Thanks, unfortunately we only have the one midwife here as we're a tiny area so would be pretty impossible for me to see someone else without travelling for ridiculously long and expensive journeys. Glad it's not just me but sorry to hear you had a traumatic experience.

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