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Will they do a sweep?

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Dontwannabeabadmum Fri 16-Dec-16 00:04:31

I have a mw appt on Tuesday. The mw has said it will be classed as my 38w appt even though I'll be 37+3 because of how Xmas falls and my weeks changeover date. My consultant has said about having a sweep from 38w so now I'm wondering whether the mw will do a sweep on Tuesday or not? I'd honestly prefer if she did cos I don't wanna ask for another appt the following week as I know there'll be a backlog with Xmas and stuff but I have a feeling she may say no

5madthings Fri 16-Dec-16 00:15:08

Did consultant write in your notes a out having sweep from 38wks? If not midwife likely won't do it ime as they won't do a sweep until you reach term.

They may not even be able to do a sweep if your cervix isn't ready ie posterior, not open at all etc.

Dontwannabeabadmum Fri 16-Dec-16 04:51:47

Yes she wrote sweep from 38 weeks. She hopes that things will be progressing by then as baby does a lot of pressing down on my cervix!!!!

Princesspinkgirl Fri 16-Dec-16 16:14:13

Here in Shropshire the guidelines are no sweeps till 41 weeks 😑😑 im 38+5 and wish it was sooner lol

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