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35 weeks & struggling to eat

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Bex134 Thu 15-Dec-16 02:06:58

Hi all

I'm after your hints and tips. I'm 35 weeks and finding it hard to eat, things I do eat are making me so full so quickly. I only have a small bump so I think everything in there is so compact there's not much room for food.

I just wondered if anyone else has had this and any ideas of what helped?? I've tried eating smaller portions and avoid bloating foods which has helped a little but not too much.


TeddyIsaHe Thu 15-Dec-16 02:42:55

I'm also 35 weeks with a little bump, and feel like I have absolutely no room left for anything!

I've been eating little and often throughout the day, with higher calorie foods to try and keep my energy levels up. Big meals are pointless as I'm stuffed after a couple of bites, so grazing has worked well for me. Typical day would be full fat yogurt in the morning with a decaf tea, then a slice of toast with butter a bit later. Small bowl of veg soup with cheese on top for lunch, snacks of fruit (to help constipation, lovely!) and cheese, then a tiny portion of what my oh is having for dinner, with a second helping later on. It's the only way I can get enough food in me, and I still feel like its not nearly enough. Hopefully someone else will be along with much more helpful tips smile

Bex134 Thu 15-Dec-16 20:14:47

That's really useful thankyou!

user1468957349 Fri 16-Dec-16 08:04:58

Exactly the same here. I've found cereal with almond milk and wholemeal wraps to be great options that don't overly fill or bloat me. Anything else and after 5 minutes I feel ready to burst. Just make sure you're drinking plenty of water too x

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