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Morning Sickness

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molly1201 Sun 11-Dec-16 21:06:48

I am suffering from morning sickness, all day every day!

I have tried finger, eating small and often, drinking loads of water but nothing is helping. I'm on anti sickness tablets but I'm sick at least 4 times a day and I'm struggling to go to work (which means I'm going unpaid as Im still in my probation period)

Any ideas or recommendations please!!!

AddictedtoGreys Sun 11-Dec-16 21:47:37

Ginger biscuit helped me. With my first pregnancy I used to put them by the bed and have one first thing in the morning.

Dontwannabeabadmum Mon 12-Dec-16 03:38:52

Only things I found that helped me were eating something little like a plain biscuits (ginger never worked for me) as soon as I woke up, a lot of plain food such as boiled potatoes unless I really wanted something. I went through a phase of having cheese at every meal because it was the only thing I could stand!

Bloopbleep Mon 12-Dec-16 03:47:52

What works for me is keeping hydrated and only eating solid food when I feel I can stomach it. If the medecine you're on isn't working go back and ask for something else. Zofran in addition to something like stemitil works best. Buy kesticks (so?) to test your ketones in case you should be getting iv fluids in hospital. There is a hyperemisis group on here with loads of support and they won't suggest ginger anything! Good luck.

HaichM Thu 15-Dec-16 21:09:34

I'm on cyclizine, haven't been sick in 2 days though still feel terrible. Also have nausea for 24/7. I ended up with an IV bag in hosp but am managing to keep more food and drink in now so hoping to escape needing it again.

Drinking is a big problem but today I've just drunk milk mainly and baby/sickness doesn't seem to mind that too much. Toast and crackers seems to be a popular suggestion, though I think my sickness prefers crackers with butter to toast.

Have an honest convo with work -they shouldn't be able hold it against you, even with being on probation. I ended up missing a fair amount with my first and have missed 2 days so far. If nausea continues like this after Christmas I may have to have a similar convo as I am a teacher and so far mornings are the worst.

Hollyhop17 Thu 15-Dec-16 21:31:07

I feel your pain OP. In a very similar situation, havent been at work this month as so sick. My GP signed me off, perhaps this would work for you and work might be nicer? I started off on one anti sickness which didnt work so am on a second one which is working much better (ish!). I have found cereal bars quite helpful but to be brutally honest, nothing has fully helped. It's a pretty miserable time..

jammyjay Fri 30-Dec-16 12:45:45

I too am suffering at 8weeks! However I've just sucked on two ice lollies and feel great. I haven't been able to drink water so feel a little refreshed now. You could make a healthier less sugary alternative but I couldn't wait! wink
Good luck OP flowers

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