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Pre-pregnancy weight defined as 13.2 weeks!

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Hermano Tue 29-Nov-16 22:51:43

Just had my 12 week NHS scan at 13+2. I've put on about 5kg compared to my normal weight, pushing my BMI from 26ish to 28ish.

I know it's not a big deal, and doctor laughed and said it's fine when I jokingly said something about not weighing that much normally, but AIBU to be a bit posses off they're recording my weight at over 13 weeks as my pre-pregnancy weight?

Does anyone who doesn't have HG weigh the same at 13 weeks as before pregnancy?

Admittedly it's my second child and I have gigantic fibroid which are growing in pregnancy, and a gigantic bust which is also growing so maybe I've put on a bit more than average, but I'm a fit size 12 with a visible bump and a generously proportioned chest, I'm hardly obese. I'm just feeling a bit cheesed off about it so thought I'd rant here.

I considers posting in AIBU but got scared of being told I'm an U fatty.

For the record I'm normally about 72kg, was recorded as 77kg yesterday, and 5ft 5. As I say I'm muscle and booby with a bit of a wobbly belly so not my perfect weight but in pretty good shape I think?!

Hermano Tue 29-Nov-16 22:52:50

AIBU to be a bit pissed off.

My phone always autocorrects my swearing. It makes me very sad

PacificDogwod Tue 29-Nov-16 22:57:25

YANBU to be pissed off - with your autocorrect AND how you feel about your recorded weight.

But - it does not matter one jot.
Don't sweat it.
I cannot remember any of me pregnancy weights - obese and morbidly obese woman are now receiving more specialist care in pregnancy because the risks to them and their babies are better recognised but you are not affected by that.

Hope you enjoy your pregnancy and all goes well thanks

Camomila Tue 29-Nov-16 22:57:57

I've never thought about it before but now that you mention it it does seem a bit inaccurate and very annoying if it puts you just on the wrong side of the 'good bmi' range.

In my case I'd lost close to half a stone by my booking in appointment (couldn't keep anything down!) and my BMI was 19. If it'd had gone down to 18 and they'd decided I was underweight and so couldn't use the midwife led unit I would have been gutted.

JosephineMaynard Tue 29-Nov-16 23:02:00

I can see how it might be annoying, but they've presumably got to take the first weight they've measured themselves as the baseline weight.

I mean, you could tell them any number as your normal pre-pregnancy weight, and no one would know whether it was true, made up because you were embarrassed to admit the real weight, or just a random number plucked out of thin air because you'd not weighed yourself in a year.

Hermano Tue 29-Nov-16 23:05:51

True Josephine, I hadn't thought of it like that. I did get weighed at my booking in at 10+4 and was only 75kg then, that feels closer to a pre pregnancy weight, but I guess the midwives and scan people don't share all the small details.

They could at least record it as weight at 12 weeks or whatever for accuracy?

theonewiththecurlyhair Tue 29-Nov-16 23:14:19

Did you have blood taken for screening at the same time as your scan? If so they need your weight on the day your blood was taken to most accurately calculate the risk.

If not, I've no idea why they would re-weigh you. The weight taken at your booking appointment is likely to be the one recorded in your notes and used to work out your BMI at the start of pregnancy, or that's certainly how it works where I am.

MrsChrisPratt Wed 30-Nov-16 09:18:13

It really doesn't matter. I had ohss so when I was weighed at my booking in I was significantly heavier than normal as well. As long as you're not significantly overweight no one will ever mention it again. Don't give it any headspace and use your energy on something more productive.

OrianaBanana Wed 30-Nov-16 09:21:38

They just asked me what I weighed pre-pregnancy and wrote it down confused As it happened it was just a healthy BMI but even then they didn't really seem to give a shit or suspect me of lying. I've piled it on since then of course, they still haven't weighed me at all though and I'm 37 weeks now. I have no idea whether it's a healthy weight gain or not but I guess I'll re-evaluate after birth.

GreedyDuck Wed 30-Nov-16 09:52:22

It pissed me off mightily when they weighed me at 13 weeks and I was half a stone up on my usual weight (I was fat to start with, which didn't help). The half stone was mainly due to not being able stomach anything but bland white carbs and stopping my usual 80 miles a week cycle commute when I got my bfp. I didn't actually put on a huge amount during the rest of my pregnancy though as I got GD and ate very healthily.

Didn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but if it had tipped me from an ok bmi into an overweight one I would've been pretty annoyed, so no, YANBU.

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