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Anyone else's SO need time to adjust?

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user1479815160 Mon 28-Nov-16 20:10:05

I recently discovered I'm pregnant. My boyfriend and I are going ahead with the pregnancy although we didn't anticipate kids for a couple of years yet, we planned to marry first. But it's happened - I'm ecstatic, although a little scared. He's chuffed but keeps having moments where he goes quiet and thoughtful. He's said a thousand times 'I love you' 'I'll never leave you' 'I will look after you and the baby' etc. But he's also expressed fears - I'm only just finishing university and he's only been in work for a year. I have these fears too but I'm 100% sure it'll work out. I love this baby already, even at 6 weeks.

Anyone else have a hesitant OH and a happy ending?

Jenny1997 Mon 28-Nov-16 21:35:32

I found out today that I'm 4 weeks came home and expected my boyfriend to be over the moon but he went into pure shock! Think they need a little more time to mull it over! For me I've felt odd for a good week so knew something was up! Don't think he really thought it would happen! I'm in my first of three years at uni one day a week doing a post grad course! Both my partner and I started new jobs this year and are on trainee wages but we will make do! Baby's health has to come first at the end of the day!

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