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What is the difference between harmony and the early NHS blood testing?

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Mreow1917 Mon 28-Nov-16 17:02:56


I am 8 weeks and in Scotland, and I am considering getting the harmony testing. The issue being that it is 450 pounds, so I want to be sure that it isn't on the NHS. The information on-line is confusing, and I can't seen to contact any of the midwives.

I know they have introduced the early downs testing for blood recently, but does this give gender also?

offbeatgirl Mon 28-Nov-16 20:34:25

Hi Mreow, I'm also in Scotland, and around 28 weeks. The blood screening test you'll be offered on the NHS is the one that's been round a while now - it will measure the levels of some hormones in your blood, and in combination with the nt measurement and your age, it'll calculate whether you have a high or low risk of carrying a baby with down's syndrome. If you are judged to be at a higher risk, you'll be offered an invasive test to confirm one way or the other. NHS in England use the same test, but will now also give you your risk of carrying a baby with trisonomy 13 and 18. The NHS screening tests don't reveal the sex of your baby, although you can get this information if you are offered (and accept) an invasive test if your screening results are high risk.

The harmony test (and other private non invasive prenatal tests) give a near 100 percent accurate prediction as to whether your baby has down's syndrome, or trisonomies 13 or 18, or indeed a couple of other chromosomal anomalies (e.g turner's syndrome). They'll also reveal the sex of your baby. They work by isolating fetal DNA which is detectable in maternal blood after around 10 weeks. Occasionally the test will have to be repeated because they haven't managed to get enough Fetal DNA in the first blood sample. Hope that helps smile

Mreow1917 Mon 28-Nov-16 20:57:38

Yes that helps!

As a planner the idea of waiting until 20 so weeks drives me crazy. Looks like harmony is worth it! Thanks smile smile smile

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